2008 Pumpkin Party

Every October, usually the last weekend before Halloween, for the last 4 or 5 years, we host a pumpkin decorating party. We supply the place (a cleaned out garage), lots of decorating supplies, some food and drinks, and a craft table for the little ones once they are tired of pumpkin decorating.It's B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Pumpkin), a dish to share, and your creativity. I usually stay up almost the entire night the night before trying to make sure everything is done. I spend that that night thinking, "Why do I do this to myself?!?!" However, once everyone is here, having fun and making their creations, I remember. My favorite part of these parties is seeing what each pumpkin decorator comes up with using the supplies on hand and each year the creativity gets better and better. We have a little contest for some friendly competition and then give pumpkin themed prizes. Our categories are: scariest, silliest, most creative and best overall. We had our party this past Sunday and it was my favorite one we've hosted so far. What's funny is even though I question my sanity every single year, I am grateful for the motivation to get the garage cleaned out from the summer months where the toys, bikes, gardening equipment, etc. take over the area where we park our cars so that we are parking outside instead. So as I was cleaning the garage a week ago, I was thinking to myself that our party should be called the "Pumpkin Decorating and Park in the Garage Party". Or maybe "Prepare for Winter and Pumpkin Decorating Party" Or the "We Have to have a Pumpkin Decorating Party so we can park
in the Garage Party". You get the idea. However,
"Pumpkin Decorating Party" seems like a suitable name and the rest is implied.
We could barely walk through the garage 2 weeks ago, but I got it cleaned up while all the neighbor kids were in our yard and driveway playing and dancing to the music I had going on the iPod. (The next sentence starts a new paragraph, this blog will not let me create a new paragraph here for some weird reason!)
My dear sweet husband turned on the movie Apocalypto the Friday night before the party (which was held Sunday). I walked in, saw what was on the screen, asked if he was going to actually watch that crap, then left the room until it was over. I have to show you the pumpkin he did before I show the others because...well...it...is...ummm...twisted...scary...creative...and obviously watching the movie "inspired" him. He put the pumpkin on a tiki torch thing in our garage that we've never used. Thank GOODNESS I haven't gotten rid of them yet, or he wouldn't have been able to do this:
I am curious what our neighbors think of this...monstrosity in front of our house. Oh WAIT some of our neighbors were at the party. I think they shielded the eyes of their children. LOL!Here are most of the rest of the pumpkins during the judging phase of the party. Everyone votes for their favorite in each category. Check out the awesome creativity that came out of it. Note: I seem to have zero control over how these photos lay out on the page. Sorry if it looks like a jumbled mess!
Once again, I did not chat about my favorite subject (glass and/or lampwork beads) because I had to share this instead. Stay tuned though. I have some beads I want to share tomorrow!



I used to host one of these and, at the end of the night, we'd add tealights to all the jack o lanterns and turn off the lights. We would have them all lined up and people would have to guess who carved what and the most right got a prize. It's amazing how often the jack o lantern says something about it's carver...

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