2012 Charm Swap Sign-Ups

To participate in the charm swap, you must be willing to make enough charms for everyone in your group (including yourself) AND one extra so that a set of charms can be auctioned to benefit Beads of Courage. This means if your group has 10 people, you will make and send a total of 11 charms. One charm is a "donation" to be auctioned off to Beads of Courage. The last swap we made about $150 for BOC. (I would have to look it up for the exact donation because I don't remember for sure).

Spring 2011 Glass Addictions by Jen Cameron Charms

I will keep group sizes manageable, about 8-10 per group depending on the number of people that sign up. No need to worry about feeling overwhelmed with making 30 charms.

Spring 2011 Charm Swap

Because the extra set of charms will be auctioned off to benefit Beads of Courage and the main beneficiaries of BOC are children, the theme for this charm swap is "laughter". There is no sound as joyful, no medicine stronger, than laughter.
Spring 2011 Charm Swap Please read these other important guidelines BEFORE signing up.
-only submit ART CHARMS. What does this mean? Well, it means you have in some way created the charm through some type of manipulation. It does NOT mean you added a jump ring to a purchased charm and called it done or simply wire wrapped a craft store bead and called it done.
-only submit your best work, something you would be proud to show the world and your fellow artists.
-make sure charms are non-toxic, safe to wear, able to get wet occasionally (for those who use them as bracelets), durable, do not smell bad (smoke, fumes, rotting…).
-no sharp wire ends or other things which can poke and hurt people

Spring 2011 Charm Swap

-no organic bits like bone, feathers, etc unless they have been sealed well or burned off (like kiln or torch fired or whatever).
-you will include $6 (United States swappers, outside of US will have to be determined on a case by case basis) when you ship your charms to me to cover shipping, packaging, etc.
-please make sure you can meet deadlines before signing up so others are not disappointed.
-all art charms need to be in my hands by October 15th. No exceptions.
-Charm reveal blog hop and start of charm auction is currently October 27th (subject to change if we have international charm swappers). 
-you need to have a blog (if you don’t have one, go sign up for one!)
-you need to email me at jennifer. glassaddictions @ gmail.com (remove spaces) by August 28th with your name, your blog address, and your shipping address. I will return your email with more specific guidelines within 48 hours. (my response time will probably be delayed this week, but I will be back in action full time starting the 20th)
-This swap IS open to those outside the United States...just be prepared to send your charms EARLY.
-Bring on those emails!

Spring 2011 Charm Swap

The HTML for the blog button is in the sidebar to the right------->

Glass Addictions by Jen Cameron

Please grab it for your blog. I used to have the html grab box below the button, but every single time I edit the list of participants, it gets all wonky and I'm pretty much sick of trying to fix it every single day.

 One additional note, I may edit this post frequently as questions come up because I am sure I’ve forgotten details. Do not be alarmed. Participants will be added below as they sign up. 2012 Charm Participants:

Jennifer Cameron, Glass Addictions

Erin Prais-Hintz, Treasures Found

Kimberly Roberts, Bahama Dawn

Natalie McKenna, Grubbi

Ginger Bishop, lilmummy likes

Cindy Gimbrone, Lampwork Diva

Perri Jackson, Shaktipaj Designs

 Emma Todd, A Polymer Penchant Linda Florian, Lily's of the Valley Jewelry Melissa Meman, Melissa Meman  Leslie Schenkel, Twisted Chicken Jeannie Dukic, Jeannie's Blog Kristi Bowman, Kristi Bowman Design Shelley Graham Turner, Fabric of My Life Inge von Roos, Inge's Blog Shelby Foxwell, Sundown Designs Deb Kauzlarich, Maureen Connolly, Mrs Beadsley's Workshop Charlie Jacka, Clay Space Stephanie Haussler, Pixybug Designs Cassi Paslick, Beads: Rolling Downhill Shai Williams, Shaiha's Ramblings Lori Greenberg, Lori Greenberg Glass Bead Blog Danielle Hagerman, Some Beads and Other Things Robin Koza, Robin Koza Lea Avroch, LA Jewelry Designs Alicia Marinache, All the Pretty Things Lynnea Bennett, Designs by Lynnea Carolyn Chenault, Carolyn Chenault Mallory Hoffman, For the Love of Beads Marcy Lamberson, Studio Marcy Toltec Jewels, Jewel School Friends Shirley Moore, Beads and Bread Jean Peters, Eclectic Avenue Vanessa Gilkes, Culturezine Shannon Hicks, Falling into the Sky Susan Kennedy, Sue Beads Kia Dallons, Kia Dallons Studio Hannah Annear, Squintessential Carol Watson, Carol Watson Art Glass Alenka Obid, Pepita Handmade Cheryl McCloud, One Thing Leads to Another Marsha Neal, Marsha Neal Studio Renetha Stanziano, Lamplight Crafts Stacey Curry, Star-Hitched Wagon Monique Urquhart, A Half-Baked Notion Babette Cox, Babette Cox  


Erin Prais-Hintz

The necklace I made from all these charms last year is one of my very favorites! Count me in!

Enjoy the day.



Would love to take part in this, sounds great and I have just the thing in mind to make for my charms!

Cindy Gimbrone

Yes! Sounds fun! Count me in!

Perri Jackson

This does sound like tons o' fun! Count me in, too!

Kristi Bowman Gruel

Sounds like fun, I'll play too!

Judy Reganti

I'm from Canada, and would love to participate in this!

Emma Todd

Sounds like a great idea, I'd love to join in! I'm Canadian so I can lie to myself te deadline is 2 weeks sooner :)

Stephanie Haussler

I would love to participate! My husband, Chris, is a lampwork artist and he will help me create my charms!


Count me in. I would like to do this. :)


Well, I added the little logo to my Blog http://babettecox.blogspot.com/ ... now ... to wait and see if I'm accepted. Oops, my website has no lampwork beadie things on it. I'll try to get them up in the next day or so. Meanwhile I have posted some on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BabetteCox

Thanks, I'll wait until I hear back to see if I get to join in on the fun...!

Shannon Hicks

Please count me in. I love charm swaps, especially for a good cause and with lots of participants.


Great! Email me to sign up jennifer.glassaddictions@gmail.com

Cheri Reed

This sounds like so much fun, count me in!!


Lea Avroch

this sounds like fun! I sent you an e-mail as well. Hope I'm not too late!

Susan Kennedy

Well I'm finally getting around to blogs and now I see your post! I want to do this, so hopefully you already have me signed up!

Toltec Jewels

Thank you for hosting the event and adding me :) I'm honored to participate and create for Beads of Courage!

Big hugs,


Marsha Neal Minutella

I would love to donate to the swap! Laughter is SO important to getting through the hard times in life...


Hi, I would like to participate, but my e-mail to you has been rejected, don't know why.

Carol Watson

I've never done anything like this, but there's no time like the present, right ?? Will you email your address to send the charms to ?

Thanks !! Carol

Renetha Stanziano

This is a great idea, and I am looking forward to participating.


Wow I need to see if I have an idea for a charm


try it without the spaces: jennifer.glassaddictions@gmail.com


Yes. And I started a fb group specifically for the art charm swap. I will add you to it.


Ummm...beaded bead? lol!


I succeded to send the e-mail later. Hope it has arrived.

Dawn Pierro

Wasn't sure if all of 11 charms the participant makes would be alike? I am interested, am i too late to sign up? Thanks. Dawn

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