2013 Art Charm Swap Reveal and Benefit Auction for Beads of Courage

The day is finally HERE!!! After months of planning, creating, swapping, shipping, photographing (and editing those photos...UGH!), and listing on eBay, we can show the world what we have done!!!! Because I am the hostess, and the swap central, I've already seen everyone else's charms. However, the only charms the rest of them have seen are the 9 or 18 they received out of about 40 different designs. Here's what I made for the theme of "love." Not particularly clever, but I like them.

Jen Cameron 2013 Art Charm

Remember, there is a benefit auction element to this swap. Each participant had to donate at least on charm to be auctioned  off for Beads of Courage. If you don't know anything about Beads of Courage, click on the link at the end of the previous sentence and get to know them. It's an amazing organization dedicated to providing comfort and helping kids share their stories through a visual of what they've been through during their long illness. And they use my favorite inanimate objects in the world...BEADS!!! What's not to love? All charms are on a staggered start. The first batch will start between 7am and 8:15am EST this morning. Included in the first batch is this charm:


Jen Cameron 2013 Art Charm  

The second batch will stagger start Saturday morning from 9am to 9:45-ish EST The third batch will start Sunday evening at 5pm-5:45-ish EST Included in the third batch is the second charm I have in the auction:

Jen Cameron 2013 Art Charm

You can find the auction at this link (I hope...): Glassaddictions on eBay. I am not particularly eBay savvy as the only time I use it is for the annual charm auction to benefit Beads of Courage, which means I have to relearn it every year.

Take a look at what the super creative and talented art charm swappers have poured forth into the world. Then go bid on their charms. And remember the Buy It Now function. Remeber these charms will make great gifts for hostesses during this holiday season, gift wrap tie-ons, wine glass charms, perfect for a jewelry design... or 10. Shipping will be combined. Jen Cameron: http://glassaddictions.com/blog/ Toltec Jewels: http://www.jewelschoolfriends.com Vanessa Gilkes: http://culturezine.com/blog/ Caroline Dewison: http://blueberribeads.co.uk Lesley Watt: http://www.thegossipinggoddess.blogspot.com Susan Kennedy: http://www.suebeads.blogspot.com Nancy Dale : http://www.nedbeads.blogspot.com Alicia Marinache: http://www.allprettythings.ca Cassi Paslick: http://cassisbeads.blogspot.com Alenka Obid: http://www.pepita-handmade.blogspot.com Renetha Stanziano: http://www.lamplightcrafts.blogspot.com Shelley Graham Turner: http://www.shelleygrahamturner.blogspot.com Monique Urquhart: http://ahalfbakednotion.blogspot.com Shai Williams: http://shaihasramblings.blogspot.com Lennis Carter: http://windbent.wordpress.com Cheri Reed: http://creativedesignsbycheri.blogspot.com Moriah Betterly: http://mlbetterly.blogspot.com Perri Jackson: http://shaktipajdesigns.com/blog/ Mallory Hoffman: http://rosebud101-fortheloveofbeads.blogspot.com Ginger Bishop: http://lilmummylikes.blogspot.com Jean Peter: http://jeanpdesigns.blogspot.com Linda Florian: http://lilysofthevalleyjewelry.blogspot.com Patricia Pulliam: http://rusticstudio.blogspot.com Karin Grosset Grange: http://ginkgoetcoquelicot.blogspot.fr Julie Bowen: http://blog.autochthonous-evolved.com Susan Delaney: http://ladyflowersbysusan.wordpress.com Emma Todd: http://www.apolymerpenchant.blogspot.com Carolyn Chenault : http://carolynchenault.wordpress.com Terri Del Signore: http://artisticaos.blogspot.com Cory Tompkins: http://www.tealwaterdesigns.blogspot.com Cheryl (Lee) Koopman: http://stregajewellry.wordpress.com Lori Bowring Michaud: http://artfullyornamental.blogspot.com Andrea Glick: http://zenithjade.blogspot.com Jacqueline Carlson: http://www.beadgypsy.blogspot.com Michelle McCarthy: http://www.fireflydesignstudio.blogspot.com Charlene Bausinger Jacka: http://clay-space.com/blog/ Kristi Bowman: http://dreamsomedesigns.blogspot.com



Beautiful charms Jen, I was thrilled to get one of yours!

Thank you for organising such a wonderful event, I've loved taking part!

Ginger B

I like your little hearts. Thanks again for doing this for us. I can't imagine the work it takes, but I'm so grateful you tackle the challenge.


OMG, Jen - those are absolutely gorgeous; and very clever!

I just went through the first listing quickly and love each and every one of them... This is such a wonderful even you're hosting - thank you for all the hard work that goes into it, but I am sure it's all worth it in the end! Thank you, again, and again!


Oh Jennifer! All the work you put into this is truly amazing! You have the sweetest soul and I wish I could have thought of something to make for this. I love your charms soooooo much!


I'm late getting started this morning but I first wanted to stop by your "place" to say what a wonderful way to help kids. All the work you put into this ..........it's amazing. It's the first time I ever took part in this swap and I will definitely be watching next year when you do it again. Thanks for all that effort and for introducing me to Beads of Courage. You are amazing!

Monique U. (A Half-Baked Notion)

They are all amazing... and so are you ! xoxo

Emma Todd

Oh they are awesome! Not at all like Sue's even though you may have been on similar wavelengths. I found it too hard to resist the heart and I'm happy to see I'm not the only one. Thank you so very much for all you do to make this happen, I love that I get to be a part of this!

Keith@Vintage Crab Jewelry

These are very cute! Great job!

Moriah Betterly

Thank you so much for hosting this! I had a lot of fun creating my charms and was so excited when the package arrived with all of my new charms. Your charms are simply gorgeous! Pouting now that I didn't get one. :)


I absolutely adore your charms! Thank you for the amount of work and energy you put into this exchange!

Perri Jackson

Your work is beautiful and whimsical - and I'll truly treasure it! The auction pieces are FAB! Thank you so much for making this so easy! I think we ALL appreciate it!


I love your glass hearts, and actually placed a bit on the one currently being auctioned. I kept getting outbid, but at least it brought the price up --more money for the charity :-) I'll have to keep my eye out for your second one.

Lesley Watt

Your charms are beautiful Jen and I'm so pleased t have received one myself. Thank you for the immense amount of work you put into making this a success.

Lori Bowring Michaud

Sweet, sweet hearts Jen (I've had 50 lbs of glass rods, a kiln and torch for 8 1/2 years - I haven't had the courage to set everything up :( ). Thanks again for hosting such a fun swap and wonderful fundraiser!


Your charms are lovely. I don't know how you had time to make them, live life, and organize this whole thing! Thank you so much for allowing me to participate and creating a community environment for us all.

Ann S

What a great project and blog hop. Fun and for a good cause. It made me bid on ebay after several years away! I love all the charms, and the love people put into them.

Julie Bowen

Jen! How did I not leave a comment here yesterday?! Ohmygosh. So, besides the fact that I understand exactly what goes into making a lampwork heart (!) I totally love your super colorful heart murrini. They are so happy and I just love them all! Such totally beautiful work! I'm jealous I didn't get one :)


Jen, I am so glad to have been a part of your passion for BOC this year. i'm sure I will be back again and again. I absolutely love my charms...you are an amazing woman to put all of this together!! Your glass hearts are just gorgeous, maybe next year I'll get lucky and score something you make :O)

Thank You!!


Oh, Jen, your charms are beautiful! Sooo cute and a perfect representation of the Beads of Courage meaning!

Thank you for organizing this event each year. I treasure all the charms I've received last and this year and I'm so glad I can participate with a little something to raise the funds for these kids.


Here's a link to my blog post about the charms I donated.

Thanks so much for doing this... I adore Beads of Courage and am so happy to be a part of your auction !


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