2014 Bead Fest Treasures and Wrap-Up

Glass Addictions (me). Bead Fest. Philadelphia. Booth 473A. Stop by and say hi. Please?

Bead Fest wrapped up two whole weeks ago and I haven't even shared a single photo. I know. Totally not cool. 

The best part of Bead Fest is getting to see all my online beady friends and to fondle their...ahem...beads.

Bead Fest 2014 is one for the record books because 9 out of 13 Art Jewelry Elements team members made it to Philly for fun, frivolity, and fondling (of BEADS!). Including Lesley, who came all the way from the UK! (I'm doing that weird squatting thing in the photo because I am taller in my mind than in actuality-5'3"-and was trying to make sure the people behind were visible. HA!)

Art Jewelry Elements team

I know, all you want to see is what I came home with, right? I totally hit the jackpot ths year with trades and a *few* purchases compared to last year. I mean, I got awesome beads last year, but the quantity of awesome beads that came home with me this year is *almost* vulgar. I'm certain I needed to add lots more for it to truly be out of control though. 

First I'm going to share the goodies I got from my AJE team mates. 

Lesley transported these earrings all the way from England so that I could display them. The point being that customers could visualize a way to use my headpins. When people asked how much for the earrings, I told them $100 (sort of jokingly...they were actually priced at $45) so that I could take them home with me at the end of Bead Fest :-) Lesley gave them to me and I just adore them. I've worn them several times this week. 

Earrings by Lesley Watt with her ceramic and my lampwork headpins. #beadfestphilly

We also did some bead swapping. I'm pretty sure I got the better end of the deal. 

Beads by Lesley Watt. #beadfestphilly 

Pendant by Lesley Watt. #beadfestphilly 

Diana Ptaszynski, who is also on the AJE team, was my Bead Fest neighbor. She did a shop update after Bead Fest, so her shop is stocked with beads you need. 

Beads by Diana Ptazynski. #beadfestphilly

The talented Karen Totten, another AJE member, has been doing some wonderful woodland and ocean inspired sets. I swapped a bit and shopped a bit at her booth. I will probably restring the owl and hang him up in my studio to add even more happy to my workspace. PSsssst! She's having a shop update Monday at noon and things always get snapped up quickly. 

Beads by Karen Totten. #beadfestphilly

My goal was to swap something with every Art Jewelry Elements team member that was there. And some that weren't (more on that in a moment). Sue Kennedy not only does gorgeous lampwork beads, but she made an entire tray of these beaded bead pairs. I had a difficult time just picking two sets. 

Beaded beads by Sue Kennedy. #beadfestphilly

Kristen Stevens made me these lovely beaded rings to trade for a lampworkified key. She totally knows my favorite colors to work with...purples, blacks, and pewter/gunmetal. 

Beaded rings by Kristen Stevens. #beadfestphilly

How did I trade with Caroline Dewison when she was snuggled up in her tent at night and bead show by day all the way in England? Lesley served as her dealer. I've been wanting one of Caroline's Dreamcatchers and one of her house and bird sets. And I finally have them!  

Beads by Caroline Dewison. #beadfestphilly

Melissa Meman showed up to Bead Fest for Saturday to shop and visit. I got this darling polymer clay bird and enameled flowers. 

Beads by Melissa Meman. #beadfestphilly

Kristi Bowman was stuck in Washinton state, but Linda Landig acted as Kristi's dealer and I swapped her for these copper discs. 

Discs by Kristi Bowman. #beadfestphilly

Linda Landig recently started making her own ceramic components. I swapped her for this set. I just love these. 

Beads by Linda Landig. #beadfestphilly 

Somehow I ended up with so much from Jenny Davies-Reazor, that I had to take two photos. Confession. I had two opportunities to do some trading. Bead Fest, then nearly a week later at her home in Delaware. But that's a story for another day. Here's the ceramic components I swapped for. (FYI-her shop is stocked with AWESOME).

Beads by Jenny Davies-Reazor. #beadfestphilly

And the JDR polymer clay collection. 

Polymer clay beads by Jenny Davies-Reazor. #beadfestphilly

Everything above was just from my AJE team! Whoa....I really feel like an overindulged child at Christmas... But that's not all! 

One of the very first purchases I made last year was a Staci Louise piece. This year was no different. While all her work is amazing, I NEEDED one of these sugar skulls. This thing is huge, but fortunately not as heavy as it looks. I will be making something for myself this month. I promise...

Sugar skull by Staci Louise. #beadfestphilly

Joan Miller does such fun and detailed work, I've always wanted something by her. Now I have two. This eye, which will coordinate perfectly with my absolute favorite glass to work with. 

Bead by Joan Miller. #beadfestphilly

And this Halloween guy who makes me smile. I will probably also hang him in my studio to keep me company. 

Bead by Joan Miller. #beadfestphilly

I discovered shibori ribbon at Bead Fest this year. I may be the last one to discover it. But it's so freaking gorgeous. I have no clue how I'm going to use it, though.

I discovered shibori ribbon. #beadfestphilly

I picked up a couple Czech glass buttons. 

Glass buttons. #beadfestphilly

I traded with Michelle McCarthy for these chocolate colored ceramic pendants. They look good enough to eat. 

Beads by Michelle McCarthy. #beadfestphilly

I finally got to meet Heather Powers in person. She's lovely. And funny. This is what I picked up from her booth. A couple of these are for gifts. Shhh!

Beads by Heather Powers. #beadfestphilly

And Green Girl Studios....sigh. I exercised great restraint since this is all I purchased at their booth. 

Beads and clasps from Green Girl. #beadfestphilly

I also adore products by Saki Silver. I admit to being disappointed at the lack of selection in the silver collection (lots of bronze and shibuichi), but I still managed to do some damage. 

Saki Silver clasps. #beadfestphilly

I picked up a few new glass imprinters, which I'm excited to try now that I've dug them out of my bag. 

Pumpkin, paw, and owl glass imprinters. #beadfestphilly

And of course, I participated in Diana P's bead swap. My partner was Heather Boardman, who I had never met before. She is charming and a talented lampworker. She gave me a goody bag filled with these treasures. 

Beads from my swap with Heather Boardman. #beadfestphilly

Then at the door prize portion of the bead swap, I won these gorgeous pendant spikes from Karen.

Spikes by Karen Totten. #beadfestphilly

After leaving Bead Fest, Lesley and I took a road trip. Between the two of us, we probably had enough beads to open a really awesome bead shop. Yet we had no way of converting beads to jewelry. This caused some frustration during our downtime. But I'll write more about that another day. 

Unfortunately, I will not be able to vend at Bead Fest next year due to our summer schedule and transitioning our youngest from a tiny middle school to a much larger high school where she will only know a handful of people before starting. But I will do everything in my power to at least show up for a couple days during the weekend for fondling, shopping and swapping. 


Michelle McCarthy

You added tons of wonderful beads to your stash! It was great seeing you at the show :)


Jen, I'm smiling at your bead selections. . . I also selected (online) Karen's owlie-in-a-tree bead set, Caroline's bird and birdhouse set, and Lesley's spotted red teapot! (I'll confess that I shamelessly begged Lesley for the spotted red teapot -- and she kindly indulged me.). Enjoy your new beads -- I hope you'll share how you use them on your blog.

Lori Anderson

I just had to say I love love love the clear hearts with murrini on your main page. I hope to see you at BeadFest next year.

Cory Tompkins

I am so green right now I feel downright ill. Did I mention that I don't like you at all...you know I am just kidding (kinda). Wow, you are a lucky lady!! I'm glad you had fun and got spoiled rotten! Someday I will meet you there and swap goodies with you!

Jennifer Cameron

I hope so! It's so fun. I won't be vending next year due to travel and a big transition for my daughter to high school, but I intend to at least go for a couple days to shop and socialize :-)

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