2016 Art Charm Swap Reveal

Over the last several years I have hosted several charm swaps. Basically how it works is each participant makes 10 + 1 charms and then ships them to me. I lay all the charms out on my dining room table (it's VERY long!) and sort all the charms so each person gets 10 new charms from different artists in return. Then I package and ship the charms to each participant. The +1 charm gets auctioned off to benefit Beads of Courage. Unfortunately a small issue came up so we aren't starting the auction portion of this event today like originally planned, but it will be coming very soon. We will all share extensively when the auction is up and running so you don't miss it. 

Each year a theme is selected, and this year the theme was "fairy tales." I love Alice in Wonderland. To be honest, I've never actually READ Alice, but have seen the Disney animated version and the Johnny Depp version. 

One of my absolute favorite quotes is : "You're not the same as you were before," he said. You were much more... muchier... you've lost your muchness." 

I just love the word muchness and what that can mean. 

Including that word was my number one priority. And thinking of the queen of hearts, I sort of overdid it on the hearts...

They're like candy...

Then I stamped the word muchness and added another heart because it needed MORE HEARTS. Then I wire wrapped and attached everything together with jumprings.

When the auction happens, this is the specific charm that will be offered up (even though I wanted it for myself!):

There are several participants and they want to show you what they made and in some cases, what they received. Please visit the following blogs and let them know what you think of their creations and how they interpreted the theme of fairy tales:

Alenka Obid

Andrea Glick

Angelique Gentry

Brooke Bock

Caroline Dewison

Cassi Paslick

Catherine van Alphen

Charlene Jacka

Helena Hatten

Jen Cameron <---- You are here already

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Kathy Lindemer

Leona Smith

Lesley Watt

Lori Anderson

Marianne Baxter

Melissa Trudinger

Michelle McCarthy

Patty Miller

Shai Williams

Sheila Prosterman

Susan Kennedy

Terri Del Signore

Vanessa Gilkes


A. Marie

First, thank you so much for letting me participate in this exchange and auction. It has made me so happy. Secondly, those hearts are so vibrantly colorful! And that yellow one with the rainbow heart inside it.. Oh My Starbursts! With the dots going off to the side, too. For some reason, this makes me think of Frida paintings also. I adore it. Keep spreading sunshine! The world is muchness better with you doing so. :)


Jennifer, as a pediatric nurse who loves art beads, I've experienced first-hand the support these beads provide to the kids and their families. They become a part of the child's story -- and, importantly, something tangible that can be held on to. I enjoyed the story of your bead -- and the word "muchness" brings a smile. We all need some! Your bead is so colorful, symbolic, and beautifully-crafted. I'm looking forward to bidding on it! (What is the date of the auction, please?). Hugs to all the talented, caring bead artists who participate.

Jennifer Cameron

Thank you for your kind words! The auction was supposed to start today. However, I had a bit of an eBay issue involving the charity portion of the auction site that I'm trying to get worked out. If I can't, I will switch the venue to a Facebook group.

Cate van Alphen

I'm so glad I received one of these. I will try to have muchness when I wear it. :)

Thanks for organizing this swap, especially with all the extra much.

Kathy Lindemer

Thank you for organizing this event! I was lucky enough to get one of your charms which I will wear close to my heart. I have wanted to do this exchange for several years and I finally got it together for it this year. Your charm will be a wonderful memory of the event for me. Thanks again for all your time and efforts.


Jen, thanks so much for all your work with this!
Love the muchness and the charm. So many fantastic charms!


I love the colors in these, and the tiny hearts in the center. I've strung this on a chain to wear as a necklace :-) Although, once my daughter sees it, I'm likely to have to share!

Lori Anderson

First, a huge thanks for doing this. Having both participated in and run many a blog hop, I am in awe of how seamlessly you ran this.

I love Alice, but I've gone the opposite, read the books but not seen the movie yet. Both the Mad Batter and that quote are my favorite.

Very, very well done, and thank you for accepting me in this year's event!

Terri Del Signore

Ah Jen!! I just love the meaning behind this charm!! As one who always believes the impossible is possible. I too love that conversation between Alice and the Mad Hatter!! May we never loose our muchness!!! I was so thrilled to have received one of your charms!! I love it it!! Thank you!! And thank you for all the work to put on such a fun event!!

Melissa Trudinger

These are fabulous Jen! And Muchness is such a great word.

Shay Williams

These charms are gorgeous! I will have to try to win one at the auction.


More hearts! Yes. I have one - but would buy more!
Did the muchness quote come from the original text? Gee - Ive read it and dont remember. I love it.

Susan Kennedy

I love that quote, one of my favorites! Your charms are wonderful and special!


I love Alice in Wonderland and your charms are amazing! Thanks so much for organising such a brilliant swap. I was thrilled to be part of it :)

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