AJE Component of the month Reveal and Blog Hop

Please bear with me as I try to blog from my iPad. It really is a challenge....it's my own fault for not being more organized though. Diana hosted the AJE component of the month for September. It looks like a leather button: Button pendant from Diana P It reminded me so much of a tweed jacket my maternal grandfather "Bopper" had with those type of buttons, that I couldn't get past it while trying to design around it. So this became an ode to my grandparents. Unfortunately I have no memories of my maternal grandmother, just the things she left behind and the stories my mom told me. She died when I was about a year old and Bopper died when I was about six, so my memories of him are pretty sketchy too. So here's what I made: Necklace Necklace The pendant from Diana represents my grandfather, his tweed jacket, his favorite leather chair. The clock hand represents the cuckoo clock we had in the house (we moved in with him when I was a baby to take care of him while my dad was in the Army). my grandmother's name was Harriet, but many people called her Heart. Thus the heart charm. Necklace She used to make very blingy Christmas ornaments with sequins, ribbon, upcycled costume jewelry, etc. My mom continued to put those ornaments on the tree along with our creations year after year. The rhinestones represent the Christmas ornaments. The leather again makes me think of Bopper's chair, but the avocado color reminds me of the whole house being carpeted in avocado carpet. I think the appliances matched the carpet....on a related note, my mom hates the color green. Necklace My grandfather did lapidary work and made jewelry. I have a few things he made me. Can you imagine what it would have been like if he had been around when I started making beads and jewelry? My husband is very lucky to still have his grandma alive and feisty as ever. Because I was so unorganized about getting this finished, I had to make it at the lake house where I have no supplies yet and no Internet except via phone or tablet. Fun. I grabbed some basic supplies to take to the lake, not really knowing what I was going to do yet. Luckily I grabbed the right things. I only wish I had brought a bench block and a couple hammers. Oh, and my butane torch. and maybe a camera. All photos were taken with my iPhone. Here's a photo from this morning showing how we've only had furniture in this place for 3 days and I've already taken over the table Already taking over the kitchen table Make sure you see what everyone else made. The list is here at AJE.



What an amazing tribute Jennifer!! I love how all the little detail inspirations come together in beauty and love. Your grandfather would have loved to see where you are in the jewelry community and your creations truly made in heart!

Diana P.

I love the meaning behind the necklace! Also, I want to come to the lake house!


This was a fun blog hop. I really like your piece --the necklace doesn't overwhelm the button charm, and it seems like all the other pieces just bring out it's old-fashioned charm. And the purple adds just enough color, but keeps the focus on the earthiness. A nice commemoration, too :-)

Lesley Watt

How spooky -I just left a comment on Linda's blog about being reminded of tweed and here you are being inspired by the same. And I can totally see it -your palette and colours are so evocative of english heath and moorland and it has a lovely quirkiness to it - sort of Vivienne Westwood in beads. Love it!

Bobbie Rafferty

What a wonderful tribute to family memories -- and one that looks terrific, whether you know the meaning behind each component or not. Lovely!


A lovely piece, I love the soft colors with the darker elements. And of course you had to add a bit of bling in honor of your grandmother. Such a great tribute to your grandparents.


Oh Jen- that's a very cool piece. It's heavy on the meaning and symbolism, yet visually light. I like the chunky pieces on leather balanced out with the cluster is talismans.


What a wonderful wearable memory! Love the meaning and symbols incorporated into the design!

Sherri Stokey

LOVE what you did with the charm - such a beautiful piece with such meaning!

Christine Hansen

Jen - that turned out fabulous! I'm loving the way the colors play together and the simply elegant design. Well done!

Shelley Graham Turner

This is a beautiful piece Jen. Love everything about it - the subtle color palette, the shiny glass vs rustic look, the memories attached. And of course Diana Ptaszynski's focal! JUST pure lovliness!

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