AJE Firefly Themed Design Challenge Reveal


This  month it was my turn to host the Art Jewelry Elements design challenge. We decided to change things up a little bit for 2015 and do a quarterly theme challenge open to jewelry designers AND bead/component makers.

Because I selected June, which is the first month of summer, I went with what indicates the beginning of summer to me: the firefly (referred to as "lightning bugs" where I live). As part of the challenge, I created these lampwork beads and gave away two of them to designers Melissa Trudinger and Mary Detray


firefly lightning bug lampwork bead by Jen Cameron glass addictions


Then I ordered some UV glass to try making some beads where the fireflies would glow in the dark after being exposed to sunlight. 



But, good intentions and all that....it never happened. But I'm still going to play with the idea in the next week or so, probably after the 4th of July holiday weekend when I have time to breathe. 


Now go forth and see what everyone else made! 


Guest Designers:


Melissa Trudinger - https://beadrecipes.wordpress.com

Mary Detray - http://www.brassrabbitstudio.com/blog


Keren Panthaki - https://vasdea.wordpress.com

Tammy Adams - http://www.paisleylizard.com/blog/

Veralynne Malone - www.veradesigns.blogspot.com

Terri Del Signore - http://artisticaos.blogspot.com

Heather Powers - http://www.humblebeads.blogspot.com

Susan Delphine Delaney - https://susandolphindelaney.wordpress.com


AJE Team:

Jenny Davies-Reazor - http://www.jdaviesreazor.com/blog

Lesley Watt - http://www.thegossipinggoddess.blogspot.com

Niky Sayers - http://silverniknats.blogspot.co.uk

Caroline Dewison - http://blueberribeads.co.uk

Jen Cameron - http://www.glassaddictions.com/blog



Tammy Adams

I was in love with those mesmerizing blue swirl beads when the challenge was announced. I hope you find time to play with the glow-in-the-dark version. Thanks for a wonderful challenge theme.


Jen - these are beautiful! I can't wait to see glow int he dark! This was a good challenge this time - the bugs are a bit more challenging to represent artistically!


Your bead is really lovely.

SusanDolphin Delaney

Your beads are just amazing!


I am so happy I got to see one of these beads in real life, they are so beautiful, and couldn't be more perfect for the challenge! Thanks so much for the opportu,city to join in such a fun and, for me, nostalgic challenge!

Heather Powers

Thank you for the inspiration this month, I had fun playing along. Your beads are so gorgeous and I loved seeing what the designers created with them!


Love your swirly beads ... I can almost see the fireflys in it!

Do you mind my asking where you purchased the Shine-On glass canes? Is it from Glow Joe Imler?

Jennifer Cameron

Hi Babette! No, it isn't from Glow Joe Imler. I got it from Brent Graber. I still haven't had a chance to play with it yet. It's been an extremely busy summer :(

Lesley Watt

Love your beads Jenny and look forward to seeing your experiments with UV glass. Thanks for hosting this challenge.

Ema Kilroy

I love your beads Jen. The glow in the dark glass as the fireflies is BRILLANT. I just love it.


Gorgeous beads, love those deep blue swirls. Can't wait to see your results with the glow in the dark glass, that must be something :)

Lee Koopman

your beads are just gorgeous and really capture the essence of the dancing lights that make us so happy in summer.

Terri Del Signore

Your beads are just goergous!! Love the glow in the dark glass idea!!! Thanks so much for the inspiring challenge. Seemed to have brought back a lot of great memories and stories!! Great idea!! Hope you get time to play with your glowing glass!!


I do love your swirly beads... They're stunning! Thank you for a fun challenge, I've really enjoyed it :)

Melissa Trudinger

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with your firefly bead, it was a stunner of a bead and pretty much told me what it needed to go with it. It's been a great challenge!


I truly loved the beads the moment I saw them. And glow in the dark glass...who would have thought.....can't wait to see what you come up with. Excellent job and challenge!

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