AJE May Component of the Month Design Challenge

Sue Kennedy beaded beads

Susan Kennedy was the hostess for the Art Jewelry Elements component of the month challenge for May. She created these fun beaded beads in a dazzling array of colors. Because I already had a few sets on hand, I used what I already had in my stash. 

I wanted to do a design where the beaded bead was that single splash of color, and I wanted to make a bracelet because I hardly ever make bracelets. I am very much a necklace kind of girl. So I made solid color lampwork beads using a pewtery iridescent glass pressed into a square nugget shape, then heated the center portion on both sides and pressed a spiral shape into them. As simple as these particular beads are, I love them. 

Jen Cameron lampwork beads component of the month design

Then all I did was wire wrap the beads and link them together, then add a Saki Silver clasp with a spiral design element. This thing fits  my wrist perfectly. 

Jen Cameron lampwork beads component of the month design

Now that you've seen what I made, take a look at what everyone else created! 



AJE Team

Susan Kennedy - Hostess


Niky Sayers

I LOVE the beads that you made! They go beautifully with the colours in the beaded bead and the spiral theme is a fab idea even more so that you have carried it through to the clasp. The beaded bead being the splash of colour works so very well.


The bracelet is really lovely - great colors!

Lindsay S

Love that color combo, and how all the beads work together!

Susan Kennedy

Your beads really highlight that beaded bead perfectly! I never wear bracelets much either, but I would wear that!


Wow I love how the black beads make the challenge beads stand out. So mysterious looking...Great Job!

Lesley Watt

Love that you picked out the dark tones in Sue's bead...the contrast in this lovely design is beautiful.


Your bracelet is gorgeous!


This is so beautiful! I love the contrast between the bright colors of the beaded bead and the darker tones of the larger beads. The silver clasp is perfect!


So will you make more of those beads? Because they are delicious. Perfect complement to Sue's bead and color palette.


Wow, those beads as so cool and the beaded bead is amazing as an accent! Make more of those beads!

Linda Landig

What a stunning bracelet. Sue's bead really stands out against the dark background. I love your spiral beads and how you accented that theme with the clasp.


A stunning bracelet, I'd wear that every day! And I love the beads you made, they're perfect!


I love that you used it as the pop of color. Those lentils are stunning.

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