Art Charm Swap 2012 Reveal and Your Opportunity to Own Some of these Charms

Glass Addictions by Jen Cameron

The day for the reveal is finally here! It was the middle of August when I announced the 2012 Art Charm Swap. However, this more than a charm swap. It's also a benefit for Beads of Courage. Part of the requirements of joining the swap is that each participant make an extra charm to donate for auction. ALL proceeds from the auctions go to Beads of Courage. However, Beads of Courage is not the only one who benefits....every person who bids on and wins these art charms benefits from the joy of owning a small piece of wearable art as well! Bead of Courage What is Beads of Courage? You can visit their website and read the history of this organization that provides comfort and support to seriously ill children and their families....where every bead a child receives tells a story and some children have so many beads, the strand can wrap around their necks multiple times. As fellow bead lovers, I am sure you will really enjoy the page titled "Why Beads" So what did I make for the swap theme of "laugh"? I made goofy little aliens in fun bright colors: 2012 Art Charm Swap Around 3pm eastern standard time today, the listings for all the art charms from the 2012 Charm Swap will be going up on ebay. The holidays are around the corner and the money goes to Beads of Courage. Please bid early. Please bid often. And please bid high. Here are the links to all the other charm swap participants for 2012 (and you will see why I wanted to keep all the charms for myself....bwahahahaha!): Alenka Obid: Alicia Marinache: Babette Cox: Carol Watson: Carolyn Chenault: Cassi Paslick: Charlene Jacka: Cheri Reed: Cheryl McCloud: Deb Kauzlarich: Denielle Hagerman: Emma Todd: Erin Prais-Hintz: Ginger Bishop: Inge vonRoos: Jean Peter: Jeannie K Dukic: Jennifer Cameron:  <----You are here already! Kia Dallons: Kimberly Roberts: Kristi Bowman: Lea Avroch: Leslie Schenkel: Linda Florian: Lori Greenberg: Lynnea Bennett: Mallory Hoffman: Marcy Lamberson: Marsha Neal Studio: Maureen Connolly: Melissa Meman: Monique Urquhart: Natalie McKenna: Perri Jackson: Renetha Stanziano: Robin Koza: Shaiha Williams: Shannon Hicks: Shelby Foxwell: Shelley Graham Turner: Shirley Moore: Stephanie Haussler: Susan Kennedy: Toltec Jewels: Vanessa Gilkes: And remember, auctions will be live at 3pm eastern standard time on eBay. 



Thank you Jennifer for all your hard work and hosting this charm swap. It will benefit so many. I adore all my charms and so I thank all the lovely, talented ladies out there.


Jen, these are the cutest little things I've ever seen! So perfect!

Thank you for organizing this event and for giving us the opportunity to create something with these kids in mind! This was a wonderful challenge.


Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to making this such a huge success!! Love the little aliens! Can't wait to assemble all my charms into a fun bracelet or necklace. Thank you! Thank you!

Sandra McGriff

I love your aliens! Too Cute!!

Marsha Neal Studio

Jen - Thank you for organizing this swap for all of us! It was wonderful to sit and take the time to make some charms for others with a specific thought in mind. It was great fun to make and receive charms from other artists. Thank You and everyone involved! Wonderful work everyone!!!

Kepi Rasmussen

Oh so so cute, love these. Adorable.


I just love your little aliens! They are sooo cute.

Cheri Reed

I love my charms, thank you for each and everyone. Each one is unique and brought a smile to my face. Thank you Jen for all of your hard work..This was a ton of fun!!!

Shelley Graham Turner

Those goofy aliens are soooo cute and they made me smile. THANKS again for all you have done, this was so much fun and I will cherish my charms!


Jennifer, thank you so much for hosting this blog hop! Your charms are adorable!!!

Kia Dallons

I received one of these! I love it! Great lampwork, and so cute!

Jami Shipp

Wonderful aliens! They are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face who sees them. Thanks for your hard work and your passion for these we ones and their loved ones.

Beads of Courage Auction and Art Charm Swap « Carolyn Chenau

[...] Jennifer Cameron [...]

Leslie Schenkel

Thanks for all your hard work -- not to mention the Aliens that would make anyone laugh.


Your charms are wonderful. Thanks for putting this all together.

Emma Todd

Oh my goodness, these are a total hoot! Love them, especially en masse like this. So much fun Jen, thank you for eveerything!

Inge von Roos

Thanks for making this happen. I love your alien charm. It's so cute. I got another one from someone else, which is cool.


Sooooooooooo cute :0))

Lea Avroch

Jen, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work on this swap and more importantly for raising funds for Beads of Courage. Your art charm is adorable & will surely bring a smile to someone's face.


Jen, your charm is so cute!!! Love it! And thank you for this opportunity to participate in this swap and for all the hard work you've made to make it happen. Hope the auction will be sucessful!

Perri Jackson

Jennifer - thank you so much for making this happen. What a great way you have created for others to give - I totally appreciate it.

Your charms remind me of the Muppets singing the 'ma-na-ma-na' song. I love 'em!

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