Art Charm Swap Blog Hop and Charity Auction to Benefit Beads of Courage

The day is finally here! 

Every year I host an art charm exchange. However, while that's really fun, I add a little twist and turn it into a charity auction for Beads of Courage. Each participant is required to send 10+1. The +1 is a donation to the auction

Sign-ups were way back in September.  The theme for 2014 "Soar." Charms had to arrive at sorting headquarters (my house) by mid October. That's when the hard work started...sorting, packing, shipping. Then getting the charms ready to list for auctions...photographing and listing. And finally. Today is the day you get to see everyone's hard work and have the change to be a part of it by bidding on the charms in the auction

This was my project for the week. Sorting more than 400 art charms and shipping them all over the United States plus England, Canada, Australia, and Slovenia.


Unfortunately, due to taking college classes this semester, I didn't have time to make charms to swap. I was very sad. But I managed to make a charm for the auction. I decided on a hot air balloon to go with the theme of "Soar."

About half the auctions are live when this blog post goes live. The remainder will go live later this morning/afternoon (depending on when I finish my Econ paper that's also due today...EEK!)

I considered giving you sneak peeks of some of the charms, but I want you to visit the blogs to learn more about these special miniature pieces of art. Please leave comments. These women did some phenomenal work and everyone loves to hear it.

The most important thing is to go to the auction page, bid high, and bid often. 

Here are the 2014 participants: 

Jennifer Cameron:<-----You are here

Alenka Obid:

Alicia Marinache:

Andrea Glick:

Caroline Dewison:

Cassi Paslick:

Cate van Alphen:

Cheri Reed:

Chris Eisenberg:

Cory Tompkins:

Elizabeth Auld:

Genevieve Gabbert (no blog. check Facebook): 

Jami Shipp:

Jenny Davies-Reazor:

Jill Bradley:

Kim Dworak:

Lee Koopman:

Lennis Carrier:

Lesley Watt:

Mallory Hoffman:

Melissa Trudinger:

Michelle McCarthy:

Monique Urquhart:

Moriah Betterly:

Nancy Dale:

Nancy Smith:

Niky Sayers:

Perri Jackson:

Renetha Stanziano:

Shai Williams:

Sheila Prosterman:

Susan Delaney:

Susan Kennedy:

Terri DelSignore:

Toltec Jewels:

Vanessa Gilkes:




Jen, thank you for the wonderful (and herculean) job you're doing organizing the event. I can only imagine how much work is it, and you're doing it perfectly!
I can't wait to see what everyone made (I only had a glimpse at the ebay auctions and I know my own 9 charms) - every year it seems to get better and better.
Best of luck with the paper (and exams, if you have them - mine are in less than 2 weeks... eek! :) )


Wow Jen that is an amazing charm, I love the colours you have got in the balloon! Thank you so much for all your hard work making such a great swap and good luck with your paper I hope all goes smoothly!

Cate van Alphen

Thanks for organising the swap Jen, I've really enjoyed it. I love your balloon charm.

Monique U. (A Half-Baked Notion)

I can't say how much I appreciate all the effort you put into this event, Jennifer!

I love your sweet little balloon and can't wait to see him out on the dance floor (auction) :)

Cory Tompkins

Thanks again Jan for putting together such a wonderful event and for a cause that I enjoy giving to! I love creating and seeing everyone else's tiny treasures. Good luck with Econ!


Jen, your balloon is beautiful --that's an amazing bead you created for it.


I just love your charm. Goes perfect with the theme. Good luck with your paper and finals when they come. Thank you for all of the hard work you've done for the swap and auction!

sheila prose

I haven't had a chance to thank you and I really want to, the amount of work you put into this event was amazing. Your pictures were stunning and I felt a little bit professional because of them. Many Many thankyous and thats not enough praise for your hard work. I felt privileged to be a part of all this.


Your lamp work is beautiful. Good luck for finals.


Your charm is really beautiful, love it! I'm glad you managed to finish it for the auction.
Thank you for all the enormous job you've made this year as well. Hope the auction is successful this year, too! I'm realy happy to participate, so already waiting for the theme for the next year ;-)

Susan Delaney

Jennifer, thank you for allowing us to help seriously sick kids via this auction. Bless you and your family.


Love your charm Jen! It's perfect! Thanks for hosting such a brilliant event, I hope we make a fortune!

And good luck with the paper :)


What a fantastic event! I've already bid on a couple (had to limit myself) of charms. I can't wait to see the outcome! Thank you for representing this important group of children and such a special organization.

Nan Smith

You did an amazing job, Jennifer. The imagination, coordination and organization you have shared are matchless. You are so generous to give so much of your time and energy to this great cause and to invite the rest of us to take part. It has been a great experience for me and I'm already looking forward to next year!
I hope the auction yields an enormous result for Beads of Courage. I've got my eye on your charm. Love it!!

Melissa Trudinger

Thanks Jennifer, this was my first year participating and I can definitely say I'll be back next year! Kudos to you for all your hard work too, and studying at the same time?? Wow!

Andrea Glick

I love your hot air balloon!

And all the work you put into this event is a big WOW. :) Thank you so much for putting this on every year!


Shai Williams

What a beautiful charm!

And I am not surprised that you ran out of time to get charms made with everything on your plate. Thank you so ,much for being willing to host this great exchange again.

Terri Del Signore

Once again - thank you so much for all your hard work! I really enjoy being part of
It and truly appreciate all your hard work to make it happen!
Your charm is super amazing!!!

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