Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Design Challenge Reveal for March

Looking for Bead Soup? Check out the post below this one. Each month one of the Art Jewelry Elements team members hosts the "Component of the Month" design challenge. They create a few handmade, high quality components for use in a jewelry design. They then send one of these components to some AJE team mates. In addition, each month 2-5 guest designers are randomly selected. Joanne Tinley was the host for March. She made these fabulous hollow copper lentils and even wrote up a tutorial on how to make your own hollow beads. copper hollow lentil beads by joanne tinley When I got my bead, I was surprised at how small it was! I admit to being concerned at giving Joanne's gorgeous bead proper could easily get lost in a design with too much going on. But how to make this little guy the star of the show? I considered this question for a while. I came up with ideas then discarded them almost immediately. Then I had a sudden brainstorm. What if I did a bracelet using no other copper except Joanne's bead? And what if all the silver beads were similarly shaped? Hmmm.... But then what would I use as spacers? Not crystals. Not more silver. I have a buttload of gemstones that I never use. Kyanite sticks are perfect! However, between the tiny holes in the lentils and the tiny holes in the Kyanite, I had to use beading wire. Oh how I despise beading wire...

Working on the #ajecom reveal for Monday Jen cameron glass addictions art jewelry elements

And I needed to figure out a way to work some lampwork in there so it looks like it belongs. So here's what I came up with

March #artjewelryelements component of the month design challenge #ajecom jen cameron glass addictions

People, I have a TON of Hill Tribe silver that I NEVER USE (except for the teeny tiny spacer type beads). I bought a bunch because I loved it, and I still do. But it ended up that it really isn't my style.

March #artjewelryelements component of the month design challenge reveal #ajecom Jennifer Cameron glass addictions

Creating this bracelet caused me all kinds of uncomfortable...beading wire and Hill Tribe silver a single bracelet! But I love it. I kind of want to keep it, but it will be going to the Indiana Artisan Marketplace with me next weekend to see if anyone wants to adopt it (for a small adoption fee, of course!) You can see what others made by following this link to the post on Art Jewelry Elements that contains the list of designers.


Lesley Watt

That's gorgeous Jen - I love the muted earthy tones and the fresh pop of the Kyanite. Oh and I have a ton of HTS somewhere too!

Jo Tinley

What a wonderful way to showcase that beautiful Hill Tribe silver! Thank you for making something so lovely with my bead.

Becky Pancake

Jen your bracelet is wonderful.

Veralynne Malone

Beautiful. Just Beautiful!!!!


LOVE THIS BRACELET!!! Can you hear me screaming!! It is stunning!!


Fab. You had me at kyanite sticks by the way! I like the eclectic mix, the lamp work grounds the ends, its lovely!

I love Hill Tribe too - but only use the small beads and spacers too. Its such a distinct look it doesn't always work with my ceramic pieces.


Jenn, I just LOVE this bracelet - it's a stunner. And using the Hill Tribe silver really makes Jo's copper bead pop. (If your Hill Tribe silver needs a new home, I may know someone who would be willing to take it in...)

Jess Green

That is absolutely super! The copper of Jo's bead glows warmly against the cooler tones of the silver and Kyanite. The lampwork beads help pick up those warm tones and carry them through the rest of the bracelet. Purdy :)

Karen Zehe

Oooooh! Ahhhh! The copper lentil surely does "pop"! What creative use of KHT silver pieces with it... Gorgeous no matter where each bead lands on the wrist. Nice Work!

Karen Martinez

I really like what you did. Your design is lovely.


It turned out great Jen!! Fun to get out of your comfort zone AND have it work out so well!


I was pretty sure I left a comment before but it is not here so here it is again. I love how you overcame the challenges and made this work for you. So stunning!

Rebecca Sirevaag

I really like your bracelet! Love those kyanite sticks- they perfectly set up the beautiful silver beads, and focus attention on the copper one.

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