The Art of Procrastination

...Or how this disaster:
became this:
The mess in the top photo? That is the current state of my jewelry bench. I have about a 2" strip at the edge in which to work. It is not particularly conducive to creativity, efficiency, or to completing any projects. So, Friday afternoon I decided to tackle the mess so I could work. I put away exactly 2 containers of beads when I noticed the baggie of charms.
These charms having been sitting in the same spot for nearly 2 1/2 years. Let's just say I am easily distracted. Perhaps it's procrastination, but that doesn't explain how I can take a list with 3 items into a store and spend 3 hours looking at bright shiny things that catch my eye. In this case, I saw the baggie and decided it would be fun to look at and fondle the charms.
What's the deal with the charms? Well...they are from a charm exchange I participated in on the Lampwork Etc. forum. The original thread is here (although, I am not sure non registered people can look at the thread).
Anyway, I laid all the charms out and wondered why I had never actually put them on a bracelet (oh WAIT! I don't like wearing charm bracelets. Too much fussiness getting in the way of what I am doing with my hands). So, at that exact moment, I started assembling a chain (chainmaille parallel chain to be exact) to attach the charms to and attached all the charms (including the 2 extras I had made).
I tried it on and the sides looked really nice, but the center looked so...bare. So, I started making tiny little charms with swarovski crystals and also some made super easy and cute spring shaped sterling wire charms. I ended up adding about 120 more tiny charms. The entire time I was thinking what kind of crazy person does this?
Here you can see the bracelet in progress. There is a huge difference between the left side where it's been filled in, and the right side waiting for its turn to get some sparkly stuff added too.
I had to work at the kitchen table because, you know, there was no space at the bench. The bracelet is finished and I wore it today. It's very fun, noisy, and heavy. I love it.
Tomorrow? I will start cleaning the studio.


Denise Yezbak Moore

Hi JenniferThe bracelet is fabulous! Very whimsical and creative.

Jennifer Cameron

Thank you! It really is silly it took so long to put all those lovely charms to use ;o) I am glad I waited though because my jewelry making skills are so much better now than they were in 2007. LOL!


That is a seriously cool bracelet. I love charm bracelets!


Now, I do not feel so work table looks no better than yours! Such a fun whimsical bracelet!


Nice job Jen!!! I love it! And I love making Charm bracelets. I love the noises they make, the ching ching sound just makes me happy! You did a wonderful job my friend!


Sure you will. I answered a question on a blog once about what you do for inspiration. I said I start organizing my bench and I usually come across something that inspires me and SQUIRREL!!!!!! (Did you see the movie Up?)


I know what kind of crazy person does that, lol! I think I'm one of them. FWIW I think we all seem to have the magpie syndrome, and get distracted by the shiny, pretty things. I'm sure you'll get to your bench cleanup in time, but for now, enjoy your spectacular bracelet. What a fun way to remember all of the people who made those charms.


My husband thinks I'm the only one that has jewelry stuff migrate to well...EVERYWHERE! Whew... what a relief to know it isn't just me! ;) Very nicely done!


Gorgeous! I love charm bracelets although I agree they can get in the way. I should follow your lead. I have a ton of charms from swaps that I've never done anything with. Hummm...

Renetha Stanziano

I am so glad you shared this! I was having charm anxiety, but now I can relax. The charms on your bracelet are wonderful. I laughed when I read about your filling in the blank spots. I also thought you could have added the charms from the current swap to the bracelet you already had. I may also have to post a pic of the table I work at in my bedroom.

Susan Delphine Delaney

Hi, Jennifer. I posted a link to this wonderful blog post on my Facebook fan page.

Ann S

I love your bracelet and your story! The whole time I was reading it, I was thinking, "I'm not the only one!"

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