August Component of the Month Reveal

I can't remember the last time I made jewelry. It's been a loooong time, though. Partly because I was unable to (I still can't close a jump ring), and partly due to lack of time while prepping for Bead Fest. However, Rebekah offered up her leather feathers as the component of the month on Art Jewelry Elements for August and I couldn't resist playing with one of her gorgeous feathers. 

While I was at Bead Fest last weekend, I discovered Shibori Ribbon. Uh... YUM! I really wanted to use it with the feather and make a brooch. First I decided to cut out a piece of leather and start tacking it on there plus adding beads between the folds


Playing with shibori

But it wasn't working out very well. Ok. Take 2. I decided to follow the flower tutorial on Shibori Girl's website


Component of the month #artjewelryelements #aje

I wasn't feeling that either. Take 3. I decided to cut a couple short pieces and do a round...thing on a wire frame. Here it is pre wire frame


Component of the month #artjewelryelements #aje


Here it is attached to the wire frame. It had a loop and would have also had a pin back


Playing with shibori

I laid the feather on top and still wasn't feeling it. But put a hole into the feather to attach it to the wire frame with one of my headpins. Then all hell broke loose and I made this:


#artjewelryelements #aje

I need to liver of sulpher it because it's way too shiny. But I was tired after so many attempts at making something awesome. My brain was taxed. 

#artjewelryelements #aje

This design is VERY LOOSELY inspired by this stunning open necklace worn by Khaleesi on Game of Thrones:

I would love to use chain rather than wire, but unless the wearer never moves, the feather would probably spend most of the time facing wrong side out. 

I used two of my headpins (I have LOTS to add to the shop now that Bead Fest is over!) to attach the feather to the 14g copper wire. All I did was cut a long piece of wire, shape, hammer, shape some more, hammer more, etc. until I was happy with it. 

#artjewelryelements #aje

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That's lovely Jen! Great inspiration too, I'm reading GoT right now and imagining their jewellery... I think you nailed it! Sorry the shibori didn't work out, it is gorgeous to look at though!

Ann Schroeder

I loved seeing this post about your process. I love the final product. It's very beautiful and sculptural. I love how you used your inspiration.


I know how hard it is when you are not feeling a design but let me tell you when it clicked it really did! I love this necklace and can not wait to see it after its bath! Stunning!!!!!

Linda Landig

I hate it when an idea just doesn't work out. But this necklace is a real feather in your cap, so to speak. I love the open design and the use of your headpins. Stunning.


Very creative!! and beautiful!


That's a great design Jen...very original too. I like where you're going with the shibori too so I hope you can develop that more.

Lesley Watt

Ummm. don't k ow why that was was actually me.


Wicked cool!
Now I like the shibori ideas, and am excited to see where you go with them. Its like eye candy, that ribbon is...

But the necklace is fab. Focus on the feather, an interesting conversation piece, comfortable, dramatic... Yup. I like it.

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