This Autumn, in Pictures

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. I just want to drink it in, make the nice parts last longer. Mums Pumpkin shopping Pumpkin Shopping Apparently pumpkins with peanut shell barnacle covering cost extra The reason I don't buy potted plants. Poor things hadn't been watered in 2 weeks and a slight breeze would knock them over I am horrible with plants. This is what our mums looked like after 2 weeks without water and a strong windy day. Poor things Autumn The back yard   Frog on the window as viewed from the front porch sidelight by the front door   Autumn at the lake upload upload Autumn My lawnboy



Fall is so beautiful for an instant :-) We've already lost all our beautiful leaves this year --for a day or two there were puddles of bright gold under some of the trees.

Your back yard is absolutely gorgeous. Did you guys build that wall --it looks like a drystone wall? I love that.

Christine Hansen

Jen - oh, you have BLUE skies right now! (I probably won't see those for another 4-5 months or so, lol) I think my favorite pics are the flopped-over mums (I'm kinda terrible with plants too, so this makes me adore you more), the lovely young lady, the froggy sidelight, and the kale - love those colors and textures on the pumpkins and squash too!

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