The Awesomest Glass Rod Carrying Bag EVER

So, a girl going to Bead and Button and taking a lampworking class needs her glass rods to travel safely and in style, you know? Enter the awesomest mom ever (mine, in case you were confused as to who that might be) and my simple request for a bag to carry rods, deal with short rods, be protective of the cargo, and look cool too.
What you are about to see is her solution to my "throw glass rods into the tool bag" problem that usually guessed it, broken glass rods. Broken glass, unless it's supposed to be frit is a really big bummer.
Sorry for the cruddy photos, but I am working with what I've got here at the hotel. I'd love for them to be larger, but again, working with what I've got.
First up you can see how there are 14 reinforced pockets (to prevent ripping the fabric when adding sharp rods) and each pocket holds 3 rods of glass.
The fabric at the top is used as a flap to cover the ends of the rods and hold them in place once the carrying case is closed.
What you cannot see in the photos above is the shorter pockets stacked on the taller pockets so that when I come home with shorts, they don't get lost in the tall pocket that requires dangerous digging to remove them.
The case rolls closed and ties in three places for extra security. The strap is adjustable and is meant to be slung over the shoulder. Think of it like a quiver of arrows, but instead it's a carrying case for glass rods.
I got to use it for the first time today taking Sara Sally LaGrand's class. Tomorrow we assemble our glass creations into corsages or necklaces depending on what we want to do and I am super excited to see how everyone's pieces come out.


Copper Diem

super smart! Yay your mom! (and cute colors too!)


Awesome bag! My daughter would love something like that to carry all her pencils for art! Can't wait to see what you made in class! :)

Jennifer Cameron

I will let her know you guys love it. She doesn't read my blog ;o) I am excited to show what I made in class today, but I want to finish the 2nd thing before I do the big reveal. Plus, I am so tired tonight after class and shopping, I am headed to bed in a few.

Dawn M. Lombard

OMG - I simply adore it - that is awesome!

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