Baby Shower Fun!

A fun baby shower? How is that POSSIBLE? I mean, all those silly games the pregnant mom-to-be and guests are forced to play...UGH! However, I hosted a baby shower this past Saturday and it was so FUN because we each made one (or more) onesies for the baby.I wish I could claim the idea of having a onesie making party, but alas, I did not. I saw the idea on The Naughty Secretary, which is one of my favorite blogs to read. Not only did her blog give me this great idea, but because I left a comment about doing this for my sister in law, she sent me a package of Crafty Chica fabric markers! How cool is that? Thank you Jennifer Perkins (aka the Naughty Secretary)!Here is the pile of onesies before everyone arrived. A couple days before the party, my husband, kids, niece and I each made a onesie for use as "samples" for the party. I had purchased a bunch of stencils, paint, and some extra markers for a variety of colors and size tips. I thought there would be leftover onesies after the party (I bought a TON of them in 4 different sizes!) However, people had so much fun painting, some did more than one and there were no more onesies left for me to do "The Alien" (one of munchkin's nicknames in utero).
Decorations were kept simple. A plastic baby shower themed table cover to protect my table from stray paint, a diaper cake that my husband's aunt and I whipped together in about 15 minutes, and a gorgeous diaper wreath made by my other sister-in-law Melissa. Melissa also created these awesome party favors with Starbucks chocolate bars. Apparently she recruited my brother to help her with them. They turned out so CUTE and made a huge impact.
As you can see, we had all ages participate in making onesies. Each guest was instructed to "sign" the onesie somewhere so that Rebecca (the mom) could make a memory quilt out of them once the baby has outgrown all of them.
Rebecca even got in on the action and used a 12 month sized onesie to make a 1st birthday outfit for her little munchkin.
Here's a photo of most of them drying on the rack. The kid has enough custom made onesies that he won't need any other clothes for the first year!



Oh what an EXCELLENT idea!! That's just great! I will have to remember that! You all looked like you had so much fun, and the quilt will be a great memory of the little's one's young years. Love it! :)

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