Bead and Button Day 1

Bead and Button BABEEEEE! It's my first year and it's been awesome so far. I got into Milwaukee Monday and this is my view:
Cool, right? I can see the river and a cute gazebo in the other direction. I went wandering a little trying to find dinner and took lots of photos along the way. I uploaded some photos to Flickr and will add any new photos each evening. However, I find I don't take photos during classes because I am too busy taking notes or paying close attention to what's going on. Taking photos is too distracting to the class.
So today I got to take a class with Susan Lenart Kazmer teaching us enameling (on copper) and hollow forms. The class totally ROCKED. Here's what I made. I modeled it in the bathroom mirror so you can see size (it's kind of big...) and then got out my portable Ott Light to try to create some decent light.
I. love. this. thing. The necklace I WAS wearing with chainmaille and lampwork has been put away and I will be wearing this for the rest of the week. Or the rest of the year. I haven't decided yet.



You are learning amazing things, Jennifer! The necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I will have to enjoy the Bead & Button show through you, so I'll look forward to your posts and your pictures. Have a ton of fun!

Ginga Squid

That is awesome - fab colours too!


WOW!!! Good job!! It's gorgeous, and looks nice on you! What other classes are you taking?

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks ladies! Next up is a lampworking class with Sara Sally LaGrand ;o)


Love it!

Carol B


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