Bead cleaning and other random stuff

Yes, I've been neglecting this blog. I really don't have much to talk about and I'm rarely in one place long enough to do any "damage" in terms of torching, designing, organizing (the thing I want to do most right now). Monday I finally cleaned some beads I made specifically for earrings.

Cleaning lampwork beads for earrings #AJEearring Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

Today is the first day I don't have any appointments or places to be or chores that HAVE to be taken care of during the day while my kid is at school. So today will be an earring making day. And hopefully a tutorial writing day. Here are a couple random photos from the last few days...all taken with my iphone. Hubs has many nicknames. One of them is "orchid whisperer". We have several orchid plants around the house that he coaxes into bloom every year. I personally want to throw them out during the "stick" phase (where they basically look like sticks in a pot of dirt) but he won't let me. They reward him for his life saving. Here's the first one to bloom so far (they all have buds and should bloom any day now).

The orchid whisperer is at it again by Jen Cameron

Enjoying a lazy Sunday morning in front of the fireplace drinking coffee.

Enjoying this chilly gray morning with coffee in hand in front of the fireplace by Jen Cameron

The rental car I got while my car was in the shop had a special built-in Snickers bar holder

Discovered the Ford Escape I rented this week while my car was in the shop comes with a special Snickers bar holder!

Our sugar glider

Cookie the sugar glider by Jen Cameron



I love the random stuff Jen.


you've got a gorgeous fireplace! And your husband would do very well if he organized a class teaching his special skills. I've been know to even manage to kill a plastic plant in my days :-(

Kayla @ TEEJewelry

I must say that's one of the most beautiful fire places I've seen before! I wish I could snuggle up next to THAT with a good book ^.^

I've unfortunately been neglecting my jewelry business blog and jewelry due to some health issues so I understand; life just seems to get in the way!


You've got a sugar glider!?!! We wanted one a few years back, but decided against it and got some ferrets instead. They were a handful.

Your beads look beautiful!

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