Bead Fest or Bust!

Tomorrow morning I leave for Bead Fest (booth 559...stop by and say hello!) I can hardly wait. Not because I'm ready (I'm not). Not because I have loads of beads to sell (I don't). But because once I walk out the door, there's nothing else I can do. And that will be relaxing. And then I can meet and hang out with some beady people. Right now I am so tired. I wish it was from exhaustion from making so many beads. However, I am trying to make what I can when I have time because life doesn't stop just because you have a show. School supplies to buy, paperwork to fill out, last minute appointments to schedule, orientations to attend. I had to take a day off to turn 40 (like that wouldn't have happened anyway. lol!) One kid had to be driven 3.5 hours away to be dropped off for school.

Dropped off the big bad sophomore at school today. *sniff*

  The other kid started 7th grade yesterday

First day of 7th grade.

  I also had to drive hubs to the airport yesterday at 5am so he can be with his grandma when she has surgery today. I will be picking him up at the Pittsburgh airport on my way to Bead Fest. How crazy is that??? If this bead thing doesn't work out I should get a job as a chauffeur. It would be nice to get paid for all the driving I do (220,000 miles on my car and counting!) I haven't taken any good photos of what I'll be taking with me, but I will take some later today when the light conditions are better. But here are a few quick and dirty shots of beads still on the mandrel:

 This morning's kiln harvest. jennifer cameron glass addictions

This morning's kiln harvest #lampwork #thisartistslife #glassaddictions #artjewelryelements #beadfest

Not my usual style. But the fam says make more #glassaddictions #thisartistslife

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Just popped this one into the kiln. The base color is actually called spring green, but looks orange because i just took it out of the flame. #lampwork #glassaddictions This bead is actually a lime green and not a pumpkin orange. It looks that color because I had just taken it out of the flame and snapped a quick pic[/caption]  

 Design inspired by mercury glass #lampwork #glassaddictions

  Several of my Art Jewelry Elements mates will be vending or shopping at Bead Fest this weekend. I can hardly wait to meet them in person. I ordered a stack of AJE postcards. I would love to increase our readership, because I have some excellent artists/writers/people on my team.

 The huge box of postcards have arrived! We will be debuting these at #beadfest next week. #artjewelryelements #aje

  We (AJE members who are vending at Bead Fest) also decided to take out an ad in the directory, which totally looks amazing thanks to Karen Totten


Kristen Stevens sent me this necklace she made with one of my Nightnare Insomnia series beads to display at my booth. I can't even imagine trying to make something like this

Gorgeous necklace designed by Kristen Stevens using one of my lampwork beads as the focal.

Enough rambling for today. I need to save some rambling for my post on AJE tomorrow :) I will try to update my blog while I'm at Bead Fest. But if I don't, you can always follow my adventures on Facebook or on Instagram.


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