Bead Fest Prep and what I did for summer vacation

I've been neglecting my little blog and my readers too. I really hate that, so I will post more regularly. Even if it's just quickies....because once a month is never enough. Here's what I've been up to: The summer has been non-stop driving kids around. It still is. My soon to be sophomore in high school got an internship with our city bus system. He takes the bus lots of places, but I have to drive him to the bus station. Since we are living at the lake house for July, it's a 1 hour commute to downtown.

First day wearing his official #citilink polo for his internship.

My soon to be 7th grader got the lead princess in a local musical comedy and just started week 3 out of a 3 week day camp where they start with nothing and end with a musical. The kids (all middle school age) do the writing, choreography, costumes, acting, etc. She told me yesterday that they will even get to meet with the director of the Embassy theatre to "negotiate" the details of their performance (if they had to rent the space, etc). They perform their creation this coming Saturday.


  In June my husband spent nearly 2 weeks in Ethiopia doing a medical mission. I wrote about it on Art Jewelry Elements if you want to learn more about what he did and the jewelry he bought while there.

A few days after he got home, we went to Florida for a family reunion (I took zero pictures!). The day we got back from our week in Florida, I unpacked, did laundry, and repacked for a filming trip to northern Michigan (Mackinaw City, Mackinac Island, etc.). My daughter is one of the main characters in a film called Street Symphony being produced by a local company called Windsong Pictures. (That's her on the right)  


We had our annual 4th of July party. It was probably the biggest one yet.

Happy 4th! And I apologize in advance to our poor garbage men who probably hate us this time of year.

  We've had lots of family and friends at the lake house this month

The water mat is a hit! I'm not sure they're going to come back... #lakejamesindiana #slumberparty

  And I've started working really really hard to try to get enough beads to fill booth #559 at Bead Fest Philly August 23-25. Most of my posts for the next month will center around what I'm making and what I'm taking.


  I hang out a little (too much!) on Facebook. I often share photos of things I'm working on. If you're on Facebook, I would love for you to like my page! I also post some stuff on Instagram and would love for you to follow me there. I will be back tomorrow, so please stop by again!


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