Bead Soup Adventure

Lesley, my lovely bead soup partner lives across an ocean in a magical place called England. Because of this, I was really trying to hustle to ship her package, but at the same time, carefully consider what I wanted to send...I wanted Lesley to love the soup, but also consider it a challenge. I also want her to get it as quickly as possible. The plan was to send it Friday (June 29th) then all hell broke loose in my city. 60 mph sustained winds, 91 mph gusts. Our patio furniture went halfway across the yard, tree tops were almost touching the ground, our grill was pushed across the deck, etc. It was very scary to watch. When all was said and done, our neighborhood was littered with leaves and small branches. However...we were lucky. Only one tree of significance fell in our hood, and we still had electricity. About 100,000 (about half) of the city was without power. I tried to get to a post office, but street lights were down, the PO close to us was closed and without power. I needed to get a prescription and that place was closed, had to drive past 3 grocery stores before we found an open one. Trees and huge limbs were everywhere. It was crazy. We drove past a couple cars that had been crushed. It took about 5x as long to get anyplace (because every intersection was a 4 way stop). Crazy. Needless to say, I was starting to panic because our Bead Soup reveal is July 28th and it has to go to ENGLAND and pass through CUSTOMS. Half the city is without power and I don't know if I can find an open PO. I calmed down and decided to call around and hope at least one was open Saturday morning. I called. And called. No one was answering phones. I decided that surely the main PO was open even if they weren't answering their phone. So I called again and YAY! Open! Hubs wanted to come with, so he drove me down there and the carnage that short storm caused was just amazing. But we got it done and hopefully the extra $$$ I paid for shipping means Lesley will have it by July 5th with 3 weeks to play with and complete her bead soup. Without further ado, I present the soup I sent Lesley: Disguised Bead Soup for Lesley Watt And yes, it is heavily disguised. If you want to see what Lesley sent me, she posted a photo on her blog. ___________________________________________________________


Lesley Watt

Well you haven't given anything away there have you!!! I'm so glad you managed to get my parcel in the post - I spent this past weekend furiously clearing all the things off my 'to do' list that I've been procrastinating over, so that I had nothing nagging at the back of my mind when my soup arrives! A couple of projects to do this week and then I shall be snapping at the postman's heels...I'm so excited I can't wait!

Lori Anderson

Oh wow that IS disguised! Can't wait to see!

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