Bead Soup Blog Party Big Reveal Day!

Today is the day! My partner (and also the organizer of the event) is Lori Anderson. It's been nearly a month since I shared what she sent me, so here is a reminder photo:
This is going to sound so cliche, but this exchange was a huge challenge for me. I don't work with orange, I don't definitely don't do orange and black together. I also don't generally do hearts or ginormous focals (unless it's lampwork we're talking about).
I started with the giant silver heart first. I couldn't get past how big, how many rings, how silver, and how shiny it was and knew it had to be altered in some way for me to be able to use it. At first I was thinking alchohol inks, but decided against it. I noticed the holes in the design and decided something needed to be attached to one or more holes to break up the silver. Then I used liver of sulfer to antique the silver.
The other issue...all those rings. I decided on chain and dangly bits and went for a Victorian, glam, steampunk kind of look. I cut off 2 of the rings because no matter what I did with them, I hated how it looked.
Are you ready to see it?
This really needs to be seen on a model to be appreciated, but I am not that model. It is really sexy on and where it hits the cleavage would be perfect for a low cut blouse or little black dress. But it wouldn't HAVE to be worn with a low cut outfit. It could be worn on top of a t-shirt or whatever.
So far I've only used the silver focal and most of the onyx beads from the bead soup. I've started on a piece using the carved orange beads using the inspiration word "juicy" but I'm getting tired and I know I won't get to it today. So, I will have to show it later.
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That's it! That's all you have to do and I will draw a winner using the random number generator on Wednesday June 30th. Please make sure you check back to see if you've won.

Don't miss the amazing talent participating in this week-long blog party. It started Saturday June 19th and the last group goes tomorrow June 26th. Lori has the comprehensive list with all the links to the blogs located here. If you haven't already, you need to go look at all the goodies. It's so fun to see how each designer took the ingredients they were given and utilized them. Most of the time it is probably completely different than the person sending the bead soup imagined it. That is part of what makes this such a cool thing to do.



That's what I love about this soup. That you have to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. And I think you did a great job making this focal-piece your own and you altered it in a cool way.


Wow what a cool piece, the steampunk twist was a very good idea to follow through with and you executed it well.

Evie's Tool Emporium

Oh! I love what you did with the heart! It looks magnificant!


Wow, that's sooo stunning. O_O I love the way you altered the silver heart. Gorgeous. Great job.

Spirited Earth

you did a great job..this necklace is so interesting..and more so by being able to read your thoughts on how to deal with the focal. one of the reasons i love the bead soup party is that people put their mixes together in such creative ways, beyond what you might expect to come out from their pile of beads.


Those red beads that you used for the earrings really are amazing, the picasso shimmery finish is awesome. I don't do orange either, so I understand the fear, you did a great job.


This is a really intresting soup the way youve altered the heart and darkened it by liver of sulphur...quite Original. Its quite dainty and yet the heart really stands out like a a spiffing Dutchess! I really am admiring what youve done!

Carol Dean

I love love love what you did what that heart, Jennifer! I am not a huge fan of steampunk...but this could change my mind ;) Great piece, my friend!


Wow, very cool! And your photographs rock too!

Pearl and Pebble

It's fabulous! I love how you worked the focal! This is VERY sexy, fun and flirty:)

Fire Phoenix

Really like this! Kinda a glam-rock-steampunk theme there


That necklace is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what becomes of the orange beads


Very pretty! I agree with Stephanie, it is so great to be challenged by using what someone else has selected for you - I was really pushed too! You've really used your soup so well :-)


Ok, my mind would SO not have gone in the direction you took this one. I LOVE IT!! I love all the dangles below the heart. I love how you accessorized the top of it, I would have never thought to do that. Really makes you think outside the box when you are dealing with something out of your comfort zone. Great job Jen! The earrings are lovely too! :)


Wow, steampunk from the "heart". I loved what you did with this. Yes, it was out of your comfort zone - I think many of us faced that with our soup - but you came out with a gorgeous piece. Lori came up with a great idea for all of us who participate to stretch our creativity and our comfort zone. Your piece is great and I would wear it anywhere with anything. It is just my colors!!!


I guess that is what its all about being taken out of your comfort zone creatively! working with things you normally wouldn't, and making them your did good! it really did turn out really cool!


What a cool thing to do with that big silver heart. I love it.


Your piece looks great! Fun and funky! I love what you did to the heart it looks great.


This necklace turned out great! Very fun and funky! I love what you did to the heart.

Pretty Things

How COOL! That is amazing! I had no idea I was going to make you stretch yourself so far! Utterly amazing. I'm very proud of you! :-)Thanks for being a terrific swap partner!


Love what you did with your ingredients! I was wondering what could be done with that heart, you sure did it up right! I'm a follower now and blogged about your giveaway!have a Joy Filled Day!Kate


Hi Jennifer!Great soup! I think that being challenged by this is what it is all about. I really LOVE what you did to that heart. I am not a big heart gal either, but I love the steampunk vibe coming through. I would have had to alter it too. Thanks for the chance to win those sweet earrings! Enjoy the day!Erin

Patricia Wood

Omph! Love it! So cool and so well done! Congratulations:)


You did an amazing job! I'm a new follower!


I really love what you did. When I saw the beads and focal you got, I was not expecting such a light and airy design - it was a beautiful surprise.


I follow you now - I understand how this heart could be a challenge for me too - but I think you found a nice solution. Love those dangles.


I like what you did to that lonely silver heart! Inventive!! The danglies are cool too they really make the necklace more modern. Nice work! PS I am following you and wouldn't mind those earrings one bit!!


It is so interesting when we are challenged like this. Just look at the beautiful piece you created. I Must think outside the box more. Great design work!

Silver Parrot

I love what you did to the heart - you totally made it unique with your alterations! Awesome job!


Love the fusion of delicate and steampunk, and you made it work. Congratulations, great design! Love the earrings!

Denise Yezbak Moore

What a great design. I love the way you added the steampunk elements. Very creative!


I love how you took on this challenge and made a very cool piece!! I've been enjoying the party big time!!

one-eared pig

Loveley design!


You've managed to turn your beadsoup into an amazing eyepiece, well done!


Love what you did with the focal! How you made it your own is fabulous! The finished result is a real stunner. I know what you mean about the beads taking you out of your comfort zone. This swap truly was a challenge!In Beads and Happiness,Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Marie Cramp

Great piece!

Spirited Earth

already left a message but forgot to mention i follow your blog too

Copper Diem

Followed! I love your blog!


Great piece! And I'd love to have those earrings! :) I'm already a follower.Sincerely,Jana


Very interesting and unique!


I finally found your blog!!!! This is an awesome piece! What nice work you do! I can't wait to see my pendent (from Lori's blog)in person and wanted to thank you in advance for creating it for her to be inspired by it!Kristen

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