Bead Soup Blog Party Sneak Peek

About a week ago I wrote about the frenzied activity before our early morning departure for the airport. One of those activities included finishing up a set of beads for my Bead Soup Blog Party Lori Anderson. There's nothing like waiting until the last minute to make me work quickly and efficiently. However, I wanted to get those sent out before we went on vacation. Unforunately, I also managed to overpack the week leading up to leaving with too many activities and errands.Typical.
Anyway, I took those beads out of the kiln at about 200 degrees, wrapped them still attached to the mandrels in a towel, placed in a bag along with the dremel, jewelry baggie, clasp and a bubble mailer into the suitcase. I cleaned the beads when we finally got to our hotel the following afternoon and mailed them from a post office close to my husband's grandma's house.
One small problem...I didn't have time to pick out some nice accent beads to go with them and with the silver foil I used, plus the reactive glass, the colors are....different. So I looked up the closest bead store to the hotel and it was an hour drive. Nope, not happening. So, I sent just lampwork and the super cool Green Girl Studios clasp I had picked out. I didn't even take pictures because I didn't have my "good" camera with me (too heavy).
Lori blogged yesterday about the beads I sent. She will be getting another package from me in the next day or two that has some other fun accent beads that may or may not look good with these.



Awesome beads! regards Stefanie

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