Bead Soup Reveal 2013

Hello! Thanks for joining the party! I know you have a lot of partying to do this weekend, so I'm going to keep it short. Lots of photos, not as many words. I introduced my partner, Shari Replogle, a couple weeks ago. Here is the bead soup she sent me: upload I made a few things and still have lots of leftovers. The way I work with the various bead soups I have received over the years is to tackle the most challenging component first. In this case, it was the bird focal made out of ceramic transferware dating in the 1870's that Shari soldered into a pendant. I love the color, but it's a larger scale than what I'm used to working with. I made a couple pathetic sketches, which unfortunately do not translate well on the scanner due to the squares and my light pencil scratches. Drawing it out helped me see a couple potential landmines...mainly, the beak sliding down and pecking the wearer's breast. Not cool. Here's what I came up with Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I was going to make a figure 8 or something similar out of wire to separate the chain and keep it from laying over or under the bird beak. But then I saw the guts from a watch and it worked perfectly. What you cannot see in the photo is a lobster claw clasp attaches at the top of the watch guts. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions Close up of watch guts: Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I wanted a method to balance the bird so the beak didn't face down. I attached a tassel made from the etched bullet casing Shari sent me in the center of the bird's belly, then attached a bunch of random beads to the chain...most of which came from previous bead soups I've received. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions Another view of the bullet casing and beads: Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I am super happy with how this turned out! Next I needed to use the clasp. This design turned out pretty close to my original vision. I made the "sea glass" sticks. They are just lampwork beads that I tumbled in silicon carbide grit. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions For this one, I used the purple stone focal, the stone donut toggle, and a couple tiny stone spacers from the soup. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I really love these two shell beads that I've had forever and never used (I have an entire strand of these shell beads!) Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions And last, but not least, I made a pair of earrings from a couple of the etched and domed discs Shari made and sent me. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I still have some soup leftover and have plans for a viking knit bracelet with some of the other parts, but ran out of time. Make sure you visit Shari to see what she made with the soup I sent her then see what everyone else made. You can get the links to the other party-ers here: upload


Norma Turvey

I really like both necklaces you made with your soup! But I think I like the second one best!

Shari Replogle

That is awesome!

I love how you balanced the bird " so he won't peck anyone"

LOL. Both designs are gorgeous. Thank you

For such a beautiful soup , and being

A wonderful "soup partner"



A wonderful idea, how you solve the problems with the sliding down beak! Also to use of watch guts - excellent! But I also like the design of the second necklace very much! Very well cooking with your soup :0)

Diah Anggreni

Love all you made for the 7th bead soup.... very creative idea..... especially the bird necklace... wowwww....


Fabulous designs from your bead soup - your work is beautiful!

Nancy Dale

Just fabulous!! I adore how you've used the different pieces, especially the tassel you've made. Well, I always love everything you make - your signature color combinations and your metal work... *swoons* I also positively ADORE the soup you put together for your partner - so perfectly in line with the colors I love working with myself!


Very elegant and romantic. One of my favourite in the first reveal :)

Monique U. (A Half-Baked Notion)

I agree, Jen, large components need special treatment. I love the way you have allowed the bird focal to really shine, yet remain in balance with the rest of the design. Wonderful pieces!


What an original idea using the watch parts in that way!! My favourite is the second necklace, making me feel as in a summer sunny day with my feet in the sea ...

staci louise smith

LOVE your soup. those etched domes, the clasp, everything. My favorite piece you made is the second necklace - really like the simplicity and flow of it.


I just love what you made. Such great soup ingredients too.


Love your designs, but the colors in the second one just jumped off the page and grabbed me!

Barbara Lewis

Jenny, The work you made is gorgeous! Love your use of the watch in the necklace and I absolutely love the bird that Shari made and how you used it! You should submit this to a magazine or something! :-)


Beautiful design, I love the bird necklace and earrings. Wonderful job! Congrats!

Susan Bowie

I REALLY like your work.REALLY !!!!


Cool pieces!


I'm on the 3rd reveal, I'm partecipating for the 3rd time on BSBP, I'm visiting all blogs...

I love your soup, all your pieces are beautiful.

you received a beautiful soup and you did a great job with it!

ciao dall'Italia

Eni Fabian

Great job on the soup!

Amazing work !

Very nice jewelries!

Bobbie Rafferty

They're all so lovely - very creative use of the donut as the toggle in particular. Nice work!


Very lovely designs. I love the way you used the beads. Congratulations!

gretchen nation

I can see what a challenge that great bird focal must have been, you did an amazing job! I love the other necklace in it's simplicity - which we all know isn't near as easy as it sounds! great soup!

Emma Todd

I love how you made the bird behave! Such a great piece. Well, they all are, you sure did that soup justice. I don't think I recall seeing the soup you sent but very interested to see what she made since I too have a lovely key as my focal

Lori Anderson

I'm totally enamored with that bird necklace and would be interested in it if you sell! I love how you thought ahead about a bird pecking at a person -- LOL! Not quite the right look! You did a FABULOUS job, and I'm honored to have you in my book and call you a friend.


Brilliant work balancing the bird. That can be very challenging! I love the wrapping on that briolette-ish purple focal stone. Great work!

Brooklyn Bead Goddess

Lovely style you have....

Dini Bruinsma

Love ? the copper disc earrings, a very nice color combination with the blue crystal beads!

Greetings from The Netherlands!

Dini Bruinsma

The question mark should have been a heart, sorry...

alt + 3 = a heart too :-) the weblog did not accept it :-(

Emily at Gaia Copia

I LOVE what you did with your soup. The colors are so beautiful and rich. Excellent creativity!


Angela Perkins

I love what you did with the bird focal! I would have been really stretched to come up with such a neat concept! Would have love to see the toggle you made. Maybe you can post a pic later... Great work!


Gorgeous reveal, the bird necklace is such an engineering work!

Sheryl Stephens

Pretty pieces. Very spring-y. I can hear the bird tweeting from here!

Audrey Bélanger

I can see how that bird must have been challenging... But oh, the end result was so worth it, Jen !


Beautiful work well done!

Liz E

The bird, the bird. Brilliant! I couldn't have imagined a more perfect outcome for the bird.

kathy stemke

Great necklaces! I love the way you include watch parts and bullets into your designs. I love repurposing.

I’m in the third reveal. Can’t wait.


Jean Yates

Oh my gosh I love your work! What I would give to own a piece you have designed! You are a fantastic creative force!!!

jean yates

Christine Hansen

Yowzer! Love how that first necklace turned out - that bird focal is terrific - and the solution for the potential "pecking" issue was brilliant! And the second necklace is simply lovely! Great work!

Mischelle Fanucchi

I so love the second necklace and earrings.. Beautiful work.


This is a wonderful set. Congrats!

Carol Dee

So glad I don't have to choose a fav! The bird necklace is so creative! Love the seaglass necklace, too! And the earrings! ALL!


Def. a success with the creative design on the bird piece. Breast pecking aside - I like the 2 layered look. My fav if the other necklace though whether its the palette, the glass... it does it for me.


I love that you shared your creative thought process. Birds pecking are definitely not a good look. I like both your designs and also like that they're so different from each other. Shows great versatility.


the second necklace is my favourite!


Love both of them and the story about the bird pecking at someone made me laugh out loud! That second necklace is so simple and beautiful - I just love it!


Very unique! The second necklace is my favourite.

Linda Landig

All three designs are wonderful. It was interesting to read you design and problem solving process. I adore the bird necklace--so unique!

paula hisel

all of your pieces are gorgeous, but i think the first necklace is my favorite. i love how you worked the industrial elements together with the colors of the beads. gorgeous!!


Gorgeous pieces.


Wow!!! I love that stunning focal and the unique way you worked with it. Stunning work! Those earrings are simple but the metal and stamping on them gives them such an original and unique look perfect for everyday wear or an evening out! Great job!


Oh my goodness!! What fun pieces! I love your colors. Great work!

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