Bead Soup Reveal 2013

Hello! Thanks for joining the party! I know you have a lot of partying to do this weekend, so I'm going to keep it short. Lots of photos, not as many words. I introduced my partner, Shari Replogle, a couple weeks ago. Here is the bead soup she sent me: upload I made a few things and still have lots of leftovers. The way I work with the various bead soups I have received over the years is to tackle the most challenging component first. In this case, it was the bird focal made out of ceramic transferware dating in the 1870's that Shari soldered into a pendant. I love the color, but it's a larger scale than what I'm used to working with. I made a couple pathetic sketches, which unfortunately do not translate well on the scanner due to the squares and my light pencil scratches. Drawing it out helped me see a couple potential landmines...mainly, the beak sliding down and pecking the wearer's breast. Not cool. Here's what I came up with Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I was going to make a figure 8 or something similar out of wire to separate the chain and keep it from laying over or under the bird beak. But then I saw the guts from a watch and it worked perfectly. What you cannot see in the photo is a lobster claw clasp attaches at the top of the watch guts. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions Close up of watch guts: Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I wanted a method to balance the bird so the beak didn't face down. I attached a tassel made from the etched bullet casing Shari sent me in the center of the bird's belly, then attached a bunch of random beads to the chain...most of which came from previous bead soups I've received. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions Another view of the bullet casing and beads: Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I am super happy with how this turned out! Next I needed to use the clasp. This design turned out pretty close to my original vision. I made the "sea glass" sticks. They are just lampwork beads that I tumbled in silicon carbide grit. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions For this one, I used the purple stone focal, the stone donut toggle, and a couple tiny stone spacers from the soup. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I really love these two shell beads that I've had forever and never used (I have an entire strand of these shell beads!) Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions And last, but not least, I made a pair of earrings from a couple of the etched and domed discs Shari made and sent me. Bead Soup blog party 2013 Jennifer Cameron glass addictions I still have some soup leftover and have plans for a viking knit bracelet with some of the other parts, but ran out of time. Make sure you visit Shari to see what she made with the soup I sent her then see what everyone else made. You can get the links to the other party-ers here: upload



totally drop dead gorgeous pieces! I loved reading about your design process, there is just so much knowledge there about how to manipulate beads so that they hand properly and enhance each other etc. Grat work!

Kepi Rasmussen

Wow, beautiful beautiful pieces, love the bird necklace. Great job!

Becky Pancake

Your pieces are beautiful. I think I would have had trouble with the bird focal too.


You really did a fantastic job, I love both necklaces!


I love them both so much!

Rachel Baron

Wow, Jen! I love how you tackled that pendant! And the "sea-glass" sticks are such an awesome design element in the second necklace! Nice job!


Beautiful pieces. I love the sea glass.


WOW.....what a great soup you recived!! And the pieces you made from them. them all.


I enjoyed reading about your design process. The earrings are fun and wearable.

Patty Johnson

Both pieces are really gorgeous! Love the earrings! I also really love the sticks and shells bracelet from your other post!

Kirsi the Troll

Very cool engineering in the bird necklace, and I love the beach necklace!

Cheryl Gangle

What a gorgeous mix of bead soup! Love the bird focal! And the necklace that you created with it, fabulous! I would totally wear that! Well, for the matter, I would wear all of your creations! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Marianne baxter

Love what you did with the focal. Very nice!

Kim Houston

Beautiful, love the bird necklace with that amazing tassel!

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Beautiful pieces created from very unusual ingredients! The bird necklace is very charming1

Laura Bracken

What gorgeous jewelry you made with your soup mix!


I love that you shared your process on balancing the bird focal. Stunning result! Just love that necklace. And I'm definitely going to remember your trick for turning lampwork into sea glass - that was a brilliant way to move from the focal to the clasp!


Your first piece is just so yummy. I'm drawn to the elements you used and the way you brought it all together. So great!

Kathy Lindemer

Wow! I would have never thought about turning lampwork into sea glass. Thanks for sharing that. I think the bird focal is amazing. You did it justice. Congrats on a job well done!

Jo Rhodes-Nash

Finally made it - better late than never! Gorgeous soup, and fantastic pieces you've made. I've taken quite a fancy to the earrings!


amazing soup. love the designs.


This is the best part of the challenge - the technical side of putting beads together. You did a good job and the bird necklace worked.

Karen Martinez

Talk about talent!!! All of your designs are lovely.


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