Beading Back in Time - The PreHuman Reveal



If you're looking for the Use Your AJE Stash Reveal, this link will take you there. 


Lindsay Starr and Sherri Stokey have teamed up to co-host a fun quarterly design challenge that focuses on a theme from the past. They're calling it the "Beading Back in Time" blog hop challenge and the first quarter covers Pre-Human times. 


Over the summer I started making lampwork ammonite beads. I prefer to do several layers of different types of glass in most of my designs, which results in these things being HUGE. And I've wanted to make something for myself with one of them for a long time. This was the perfect opportunity. 


Because these beads are huge, I wanted to pair it with something with presence, but not over the top busy. I also wanted it to coordinate with the pre-human theme. At the same time I was considering options, I happened to come across the perfect chainmaille weave. Before I knew what the weave was called, it reminded me of a spine. The name of this magical weave? Vertebrae. I had these large square wire jump rings and luckily I had the perfect size jumprings to complete the weave. 



When I started, I realized a couple things. #1-I wouldn't have enough large rings to do verterbrae weave for an entire necklace. #2-if I did, this necklace would be VERY heavy, because this is a very dense weave using big rings.  


So I focused the weave on the front of the necklace, decided on an asymmetrical design as well. For the back, I altered the weave so it's similar, but less dense, and uses fewer large rings per inch. Pardon the next photo. It was taken at my kitchen table at night with terrible lighting. 




For the clasp, I made a spiral to replicate the pattern of the ammonite, and used a hammer (that I can't recall the name of at this exact's late and I'm exhausted) to create an ammonite "texture." Both ends of the wire were balled up before any manipulation occured. 


Once I had everything attached, I was smitten! I knew I still needed to darken that silver (way too shiny for something that is supposed to be prehuman!)


So here it is after a bath in Jax Pewter Black, scrubbed with 0000 steel wool, then tumbled for several hours. 




And me claiming it as all mine



Now go see how Pre-Human was translated by everyone else:


Lindsay Starr

Sherri Stokey

Kelly Rodgers

Michelle McCarthy

Caroline Dewison

Melissa Trudinger

Sue Kennedy

Stephanie and Chris Haussler

Jen Cameron ------you are here

Jean Wells


Sherri Stokey

Okay, so I thought your ammonite bead was amazing to start with, but then when you added the chainmaille... over the top fantastic! I never would have guessed you altered the design for practical purposes - it's perfect.


That turned out amazing! The chainmail pattern works so perfectly with that bead!

Michelle McCarthy

It is a gorgeous piece and I would keep it, too!

Lindsay S

Love it Jen! I would totally wear this piece! Love how you suspended the ammonite and continued the swirling shape. What a fantastic primordial piece :) Thank you so much for playing along this quarter!

Becky Pancake

Totally Awesome Jen. I was smitten with the lampworked bead but the whole necklace is way cool.


All that amazing work and it is stunning!


and it looks very "pre human" something Wilma Flintstone would wear!

Jean Wells

Wow, yes, you started with that beautiful lamp work bead and as if it wasn't amazing enough, you start making your own chain maille necklace. Wow, it is gorgeous. You obviously put a lot of time and work into this gorgeous piece. And, you do own it! Proudly! Great job.

Pam/Klassy Joolz

Just gorgeous! I love everything about this perfect!!!


Amazing design Jen, I love your focal and the chainmaille is absolutely stunning!


Wow...that bead is AMAZING and the necklace just turned it up a notch. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


that is completely amazing. You were obviously inspired and excited about the hop theme and your glass bead is stunning.

SusanDolphin Delaney

What an utterly gorgeous piece! I would keep it too!

Melissa Trudinger

Fabulous piece! The chain complements that amazing focal without overpowering it, really provides a perfect setting for it!

Stephanie Haussler

Jen, not only is your bead amazing (as always), but that chain is stunning! Has the feel of an ancient centipede~just gorgeous and a wonderful sense of movement!


I could get lost gazing into that ammonite... spiral eyes, swooning. Your piece is stunning. The textures, the vertebrate section... the simpler section is gorgeous, but the way. And definitely patina. Oh yeah!

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