Birds and Nests and Eggs, Oh My!

Fact: birds and bird nests are all the rage for crafters and being used on just about 50% of online banners. I don't know why the obsession with birds and nests, but I admit to liking the trend too.I have seen a few bird nest pendants made out of wire while perusing Etsy and thought about trying a nest myself. I mean, how hard can it be, right? In December, Stampington posted a how to project similar to designs I've seen on Etsy. The one thing I loved about the project on Stampington is the two birds flying in opposite directions away from the nest.The big difference between other designs and my own is I used lampwork beads instead of pearls most everyone else uses. In fact, I sat down to torch specifically to create beads for this design. That pretty much never happens. Usually I make whatever beads I feel like making and leave it up to other designers or my own whims for how to use the beads.I did change a few other minor things, but the design is basically the same with a few personal touches and preferences. I am keeping this one for myself. But I see all kinds of lampwork "eggs" in my future (when it isn't so cold outside!).



So, so pretty! Your custom beads are gorgeous! I just love it!


It's just beautiful Jen! I'm not a fan of beards but I do like your little lampwork eggs! Excellent job! Even I would wear this, despite not liking our feathered friends! Good for you for keeping it! ;)

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks ladies! Kristen! How can you not like birds? I admit they freak me out sometimes...but these don't poop on you or anything ;o)

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