Celebrating another wedding anniversary and Channeling Dr. Phil

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 16th anniversary. I rarely talk about him here because I try really hard to embarrass him as little as possible in the "online world" because I do that plenty already without intending to.I guess after this little trip down memory lane, that whole not embarrassing him thing will be thrown out the window. I thought it might be fun (or maybe not...) to show how we looked then and now.This is us right after we started dating. It was 1989 and I was 16. I was having a flat hair day (it WAS the 80's after all!) He was not. We are holding my little brother Corey who is now 22 and getting married this year.

This was taken between the wedding and reception at my Dad and Step-Mom's house. It wasn't a professional photo, but it's one of my favorites.


This is my husband's twin brother (on the left) and his friend Ken Harper the day of our wedding. They snuck into the pastor's closet to see what kind of stylish clothes he might want to let them borrow in case the whole tux thing didn't work out. Let's just say that when I got these pictures from the photo processor, I was a tad...shocked...and maybe a tad irritated. But now I crack up everytime I see it.

This is us at our first black tie event for the unveiling of the Chihuly Fireworks of Glass at the Indianapolis Childrens Museum in 2006.


This is us last summer at an anniversary party for his grandparents in Florida. He loves to take self portraits-even if somebody is sitting right there and offers to take the picture.

So here is the part where I channel Dr. Phil. Maybe. After all, I don't actually watch Dr Phil. He reminds me too much of a Muppet. Besides, I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist or any of those other professional types. Maybe I am closer to Hints from Heloise? Although, that's advice for pet owners...So the disclaimer here is to see a real professional. All I have is life experience.
We are more in love today than the day we got married. The secret? Common sense and lots of laughter. Although I should write a bestselling book about it and make lots of money, I am sure no one would want to pay big $$$ for a one page book.
So I will summarize my blockbuster here. Common sense means no name calling. Ever. OK, we may occasionally call each other dork (which apparently used to be slang for penis...) when goofing off. But never anything mean or out of anger. Never. Really.
Choose your battles. Before a disagreement escalates, take 30 seconds to ask yourself "will this issue matter next month? How about next year? Ten years?"
Speaking of battles, why should it be a battle? After all, people get married because presumably they love each other so much they didn't want to be apart, not because they want to make war with each other.
Go to bed angry if it keeps an argument from escalating into hurtful words that cannot be taken back. Hopefully both parties will have time to cool off by the morning.
No nagging, criticizing, complaining, etc etc. Let your spouse overhear you saying positive things about him/her to others. Compliments always feel good. NEVER say negative things to others in earshot of spouse.
Always kiss and hug hello and good-bye. When spouse gets home, try to greet them as soon as they walk in the door with kiss and hug and tell them you missed them.
Never let anyone or anything get between you in your marriage. Not kids, not parents, not friends or the dog. No one.
Laughter is self explanatory. We laugh. a LOT. I cannot imagine a day without laughter.
It is important to us to always be respectful to each other and it pays off in big ways. We are hardly perfect, but following the rules of common courtesy and common sense have helped us to create a wonderful marriage. I have a couple other rules, but can't talk about them here. After all, my kids read my blog and I don't want to damage them so they need Dr. Phil someday....



Great post Jennifer! Great advice and I can see how happy you two are together! Love the 80's hair, I had that too! It's so funny now that I don't even use hairspray! Happy Anniversary, and here's to another 16 years!

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks! We don't actually own hairspray anymore, but we probably went through a bottle a day between the two of us back then. The lack of hairspray was an issue last weekend when I had to do my daughter's hair for her dance recital. Reminder to self: buy gigantic bottle of aquanet. Do they actually sell that stuff anymore? haha!

Rebecca Cameron

Awwwwwwwwww. This is so sweet! :) Loved that first photo of you and James, when he was apparently channeling "Flock of Seagulls." I'll let Jeff know he made the blog... hahahaha.

Victoria Webb

What an inspiring post. You guys look blissful!

Jennifer Cameron

Rebecca~I will let James know what you think of his hair. haha!Victoria~thanks. We usually are ;o)

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