Christmas Ornament Blog Hop

The talented Sally Russick is hosting her 2nd annual Ornament Exchange today. I was paired with Sandi Volpe, who sent me the most gorgeous ornament! In fact, when I opened it, I was horrified because she sent me this gorgeous, elegant ornament, and I sent her....well...I guess you'll have to see what she posts about it. The anticipation was killing me! But I still took time to photograph the box she sent the ornament in

The anticipation of seeing the ornament from Sandi

  And after finally opening the lid...

The unveiling of the ornament from Sandi

  And immediately hanging it on the tree...

The ornament on the tree

I don't like it, I LOVE it! FYI~the ceramic charm in the center is an Elaine Ray ceramic snowflake. And while Sandi will show you what I sent her, here's a sneak peek (I will write more about what I did tomorrow or Monday):

Ornament by Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

  List of Participants:

Sally Russick 

Lesley Watt

 Jenny Davies-Reazor

  Therese Frank 

Andrew Thorton

 Jeanette Blix Ryan

Maryanne Gross

 Rebecca Anderson

Melissa Meman

 Veralynne Malone

Miranda Ackerley

 Jen Cameron  <-------You are here!

Sandi Volpe <-----My partner!

Susan Kennedy

Kristen Stevens

 Shirley Moore 

 Cooky Schock

D. Lynne Bowland 

Tiffany Smith

 Patti Vanderbloemen 

Pam Ferrari

 Kim Hora

 Alice Peterson

Bette Brody

 Julie Anne Leggett

Lola Surwillo

 Kathleen Lange Klik

Erin Prais Hintz

 Mowse Doyle

Kristi Jaro



Lesley Watt

Love your snowy mini wreath Jen - what an original idea of Sandi's.

Therese Frank

Hi Jenny,

The ornament you received from Sandi is beautiful I am sure it will bring joy to you for years to come.

Merry Christmas,


Patti Vanderbloemen

Wow - wire crochet combined with crystals on a wreath- this is an awesome design! Right down to the snowflake charm! This is so very pretty!!! Merry Christmas!

Sandi Volpe

Hi Jen,

Thanks for being my partner, the ornament looks great on your tree, we are putting ours up today! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Ok, you made me go look before I wrote this reply and I love what you made! When I saw your sneak peak I instantly thought "Nightmare Before Christmas" and I was not disappointed in the least! Your beads are Gorgeous!!!

Sandi's wreath is so pretty, with that earthy snowflake and the garland around the wreath. I love how your ornaments are rather opposite of each other. Room for all on the tree :-D


What a beautiful ornament you received! I love the idea of making a miniature wreath. I love the bit of red wire weaved througout. Lucky you!!!!

Sally Russick

That Sandi is so creative when it comes to bead crochet, the mini wreath is beautiful and the snowflake charm is the perfect accent.

I took a peek at your ornament on Sandi's page, I new it had to be inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas just by the sneak peek, I would have loved to get the ornament you made with that gorgeous lampwork bead! The ornament is beautiful!

Jen, THANK YOU so much for participating in the swap/hop! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Erin Prais-Hintz

That wee little frosty wreath is so pretty! I wouldn't want to put it away after Christmas! I look forward to learning more about your ornament. I think that what you make is always beautiful, Miss Jen. Enjoy the day! Erin

D Lynne Bowland

What a cute double snowflake! / wreath!

Susan Kennedy

Love that wreath ornament, it's gorgeous!


What a beautiful little wreath with all the little twists and turns and a wonderful use bell flowers. I would never have thought of using them ...they are just the right touch!


What a darling ornament Sandi created for you. I love the sparkle of it and the ceramic snowflake in the center. Happy holidays!

Becky Pancake

The ornament you got from Sandi is very kool. The one you sent her is awesome. One of your nightmare beads can come live on my tree anytime. LOL

Tiffany Smith

Beautiful ornament i love snowflakes and have a few on my tree but noting like this it is amazing!


Hi Jen! Sorry I am late. Sandi is a GREAT partner! ( she was mine for a button swap!) And I love what she sent you! Sure I may be partial since there is clay in the center...

Your teaser pix makes ME think Nightmare before Xmas... Happy Holidays!

Kathleen Lange Klik

What a beautiful ornament! Looks fantastic on your tree. And I love the Elaine Ray snowflake-it is the perfect addition to Sandi's beautiful design!

Maryanne Gross

I love your wreath ornament from Sandy. It's really beautiful!

Andrew Thornton

How lovely! The wreath idea is really clever and it has so much vibrant energy... and I am a smitten kitten with Elaine Ray's work. The snowflake is just perfect!

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