Copper Big Hole Focal REVEAL

Today is the day and I honestly couldn't be more excited. As a refresher as to what I'm so excited about, the fabulous Kristi Bowman is hosting a blog hop with the single rule that you must use the component of the month...a copper big hole focal bead. (Let's call it a donut from now on to make my life easier).

Here's the one I received:

Copper Focal by Kristi Bowman Design

Keep in mind she put each donut in a package before addressing them so that she didn't know who was getting which donut. Let me just say here and now...I probably got the best one. Enough chit chat. Want to see what I made? I hope so...

Handmade art jewelry necklace jennifer cameron glass addictions

This is on a tiny bust. I wish I had the time and the energy to dig out a larger one because this necklace looks much better than this on an actual neck. I love this thing so much, I've been wearing it since I finished it 30 minutes ago. HA! I will wear it for the rest of the day too. Unfortunately, using photo lights doesn't show the pretty colors Kristi gets on her copper pieces. It's better seen in natural light like the top photo before it was made into a necklace. Originally I planned to use the donut to make a bracelet. In fact, I was dead set on making a bracelet. However, I had a dream Friday night as a necklace. And this is pretty much exactly what my dream looked like. Here's a close up of the dangly bits

Bullet casing upcycled into art jewelry jennifer cameron glass addictions

The brass tube thing is actually a bullet casing. A couple nights ago while I was trying to finish up some orders, I saw the bag sitting on my jewelry bench and suddenly had an AH HA moment. I pulled one out of the bag and made a bead on it. The thing is, brass is a soft metal. I am not sure how this thing is going to hold up...but if it does, I will be making more and offering them on etsy. Anyway, in my dream, I used my lampworkified (yes, it's a real word because I made it up) bullet casing as a tassel.  I drilled a hole in the top of the bullet casing so it could be wire wrapped. Yes, I'm in love with it and I don't care who knows. But there's more! When I was prepping the copper wire to make the bail, I thought to myself..."wouldn't it be awesome if I could change the donuts out for different Kristi Bowman design donuts to fit my mood? So I did this:

Interchangable necklace focal jennifer cameron glass addictions

And now I can do this if I feel like it (although I doubt I will) Interchangable necklace focal jennifer cameron glass addictions This is my very first time using sari silk that I didn't immediately remove it. Usually I hate how I use it...very messy and out of place. This is perfect I think. And if it isn't, I am not ready to hear about it yet. Give me a couple days first. To keep with the overall style of the necklace, I also made my own hook clasp and hammered jump rings.

handmade art jewelry closure clasp jennifer cameron glass addictions

Because this is a blog hop, (and once you've left a comment below...I'm not above begging for attention!) it's time to move along and see what everyone else made.
Jennifer Cameron <----You are here!



Yippeeeee Jen, I LOVE IT!!! Super beautiful and uber creative. You need another big hope piece so you can swap them out. This is so cool I've only just started to hop and I'm so excited. Thanks so much for joining my hop!!!

Lesley Watt

Oh Jenny I love this! So much wow factor and I just love that bullet bead...the colours are gorgeous, the silk is perfect and the mixed metal looks great. I'm even more nervous about my bead soup mix now!!!


I so love that your dream changed the direction of your piece. It happens to me all the time! You may just be changing my opinion on sari silk but we will just have to see. Oh and No Way girl I got the best donut! LOL

Marla Gibson

Wow! It is stunning! I love how you made it to where you can change out the focal when you want. What a great idea!


Wow, what great texture in that donut! I love that you made your own components--especially that lampified bullet casing and interchangable bail! Your necklace is gorgeous and I'm so happy you dreamed about the design.

Staci L. Smith

Love what you did with this. The purple lets the coppery orange just shine! Your bead on the bullet casing is so original...I just love it all. Very very cool. I would totally wear this:)

Karen Williams

Very fun! I love the colors and design in the focal you received! And I love the look at your process. I think I might be afraid that the pendant & tassel might fall off of the necklace without my noticing, but I love the idea of being able to change it out.

And your lampworked bead on the bullet casing is wonderful - love the repurposing!


It is very possible it could fall out. However, what you can't really see in the photo is I bent the curve of the U slightly in (rather than it being straight up) and it's a pretty tight fit. I did this because I had the same concern :-)


Oh, that's gorgeous - I love the colours, the texture, the mix of media... and the bullet casing, I was just wondering if it might be :) Beautiful piece, thanks for sharing!


This is great! I love the sari silk, and I love the interchangeable focal idea!! Now to get more focals from Kristi..... ;)

Pine Ridge Treasures (Lisa Lodge)

What an interesting mix of materials and textures that all work together beautifully! Fun!

Jean A. Wells

It is beautiful! I love your writing style too. And, aren't dreams wonderful. Versatile too, like my lariat. Great job!

Diane Valasek

While I do really love your donut, I agree with Kristen, I got the best donut! LOL I think each of us is in love with the one we got, I know I fell very deeply in love with mine! I do love the colors you used in yours, again, a new combo. I am amazed at how many colors have been used, and they ALL WORK! Bravo!

Genea Crivello-Knable

Ooooo yeah baby! You did get an amazing donut too! You did a great job of photographing yours as well! Sure do need to get it in the bright sun to see all of those amazing colors!

What an amazing story and design! You are so clever to use a bullet casing! Surely the first design I have seen using one!

WHAT??! You can swap it out too?! Now that is pretty f*ing amazing, right there! Love that you added your beads as well! What an outstanding design with such complexity!

xo Genea

gretchen nation

This is just lovely! the silk piece was a great touch to bring up the color from the bead and the tassel was just too cool!

Kelly Hosford Patterson

Brilliant! When the universe speaks, LISTEN. Love the bullet casing glass bead tassel. Interchangeable moods, awesome. excellent use of sari silk.

ruth crawford

All the entries are so beautiful from the simple to the extreme and there is no way I can pick a favorite. Simply-I would love to own each and every one of them.

Lori Anderson

That is absolutely STUNNING!


That is one great design! I love how the colors compliment each other!


I am almost speechless! What a stunning statement piece.

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