Creating a Master Bedroom Retreat

Everyone needs some little (or big) luxuries in life. I decided when we built our lake house that the master bedroom would be as luxurious as staying at a posh hotel. Minus the maids....(if only the budget allowed for that extravagance!) Because we were starting out with a clean slate, we were able to add things we wouldn't necessarily be able to do in an existing a fireplace tiled with harlequin shaped tiles and filled with glass and stone rather than gas logs. Or a private deck looking over the lake.

Master bedroom #lakelife

However, that's just the skeleton for the space. The important stuff is in the details. However, the budget is really really tight for brand new upscale furniture, etc. While I'm still working on furnishing and decorating the space, I thought I would share a few things I've done so far. Almost all the furniture, the lamps, etc. is stuff from the guest bedroom of the "city" house or hand me downs. My mom moved in with us right after the lake house was finished. This worked out perfectly as we needed the stuff out of there so she could bring her own bed and her own stuff. And we needed to furnish another house. With the bed, I splurged on one of those memory foam mattress covers on sale for a great price. It's super soft and makes the extra firm mattress comfortable. Then I purchased high thread count sheets, which are so lovely to slip into at night. Hubs has promised to make me an upholstered, tufted headboard. I can hardly wait!

Master bedroom #lakelife

With the floor being ceramic tile, we wanted a rug under foot for cold mornings. We found one we liked on sale for a great price at Menards. Nothing in our room matches, but I actually really like that. We put a chandelier with some crystals (but not too over the top blingy) in the room over the bed

Chandelier master bedroom

Master bedroom #lakelife

And what big luxury does every fancy hotel room have?

Coffee bar in master bedroom #lakelife

A coffee bar! This...console table was purchased for the guest bedroom a few years ago at 50% off. It's about 3.5' high, two drawers, open underneath. I loved it because it was black with the silver harlequin pattern (I have a thing for harlequin pattern...). To make it into a coffee bar, we purchased a Keurig and a tray. We have a couple mugs we purchased on our first vacation together that we love, but the shape is kind of weird for drinking from them. However, we have moved them from place to place to place. Never using them. Now one holds Stevia packets and the other holds coffee stirrers. In the top drawer of the console table you will find the K-cups for making coffee and tea, plus more Stevia and coffee stirrers. The bottom drawer holds bottled water (we have well water here that tastes nasty.) Under the table is a small stainless steel trash can, and a stainless bin for recycling. If you have a tiny corner of space, you can have a coffee bar too...if that's something that would make you feel like you're on vacation every day. We still have to put art on the walls and furnish the sitting area of the room, but I really love how this room feels like a retreat. I love it so much, we've started working towards converting our master bedroom so that it feels more like a fancy hotel as well. Currently it has LIME green walls. Which I love. But I'm tired of them. So we're probably going gray. Although I love the muted lavender of our lake house bedroom...'s definitely different than the lime I'm used to



I simply adore the art deco chandelier. And what a great idea to have a coffee bar in the bedroom! Living in an apartment where the kitchen is just around the corner, makes this unnecessary, but if I ever get a house, I think I'll use your idea.


Jen, It's all so great and extravagant and gorgeous. I am in love! We can't all go on vacation to 4-star resorts all the time, but we can have 4-star cozy bedrooms. Thanks for reminding me about that!


It's coming along nicely. Love the coffee bar idea!

Lori Anderson

This is freaking awesome. I spend most of my time these months in my bedroom, and I have it decorated with my favorite things. I also highly recommend 500+ thread count sheets. More expensive, but sooo worth it. I go to TJMaxx or Marshalls to get them but once you feel that softness, you'll never go back.

Kayla @ TEEJewelry

Personally I think if you're going to inhabit, live, and spend your time in a space, then you DESERVE to make it as awesome and luxurious as you want :)

I'm a HUGE fan of purple, so I definitely approve of the color. Hehe!

Being on a budget, I think you're doing a wonderful job decorating!

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