Curtailing Inspiration Overload: Inspiration Part 2

This week I started a new project because of this: magazine stack   Let's have another look at that...shall we? magazine stack Let me be perfectly clear...this isn't even all of it. Just one section of the mess. I'm amazed it doesn't topple over because I just keep adding on to it. Thus started the cutting out of photos from all those magazines that inspire me, and taping them into this: inspiration journal I have always wanted to do this, but the idea of all that gluing was stopping me cold. I didn't want to get rid of magazines that might inspire me to go in a different direction or think of things a different way. Then I had an ah ha moment...use tape. Such a silly thing to not think of before. So I cut out photos (not just jewelry, but color, texture, pattern, pretty things, etc) that I love. Then I make a very quick jot about why I like that photo. inspiration journal



I like that idea. I have a library of my jewelry books and mags but I am always finding pictures that I want to keep. So I dutifully cut them out and then I proceed to loose them.

Michelle W

That's a great idea! I would have trouble doing that, since I am a beginner, I have almost all projects in my beading magazines dog-earred. I am going to have to figure out what to do with all those magazines...eventually :)


I have often thought about doing this, but I can't bring myself to cut up my magazines. I still go through them whenever I want to be inspired. However, it is sometimes difficult to find one particular project or inspiration that I want to see again.

Audrey Bélanger

That is such an AMAZING idea ! I believe im going to have to steal it.


Great idea. I have a few things tucked away here and there...somewhere.


I subscriptionsstarted to get my subscriptions on line with Zinio. I love it and I now have an extensive library. If there is a project or article I really love I ca just print it off!

Lori Anderson

I do that with binders. I have a million binders now, though!


I'm going to show this photo to my husband so he knows I'm not the only one that has stacks of magazines. I keep all mine and have thought about cutting out the things I like, but many times there is a photo on the back side that I like too. But I do keep a folder of colors, textures, ideas, and even business cards I like.

Thanks for sharing!


Great idea! My closet floor is scattered with bead magazines. I never even read the instructions anyway.

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