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You guys, there is nothing I would love more than to share what you've made with my beads, link to your blogs, shops and social media. Send me photos! Send me links to photos! I will share all with the world! Back a few weeks ago, Jeannie Dukic emailed me so I didn't miss her bead soup reveal. Her partner Jenna had purchased the focal for Jeannie's bead soup from me during one of the flash auctions for the blog pj party back in June. Here's what Jeannie came up with: Jeannie Dukic 1 bead soup blog party with glass addictions bead   Jeannie Dukic 2 bead soup blog party with glass addictions bead   Isn't it wonderful? Love it! I can't find it for sale on her jewelry website, but if you love it, make her an offer she can't refuse... Last night I got a message from Traci Zeller with photos attached. She won the bead I gave away as part of a fun day of flash giveaways on the Creative Bead Chat facebook group (join! It's a great group!), which happened to fall on the same day we dropped my kid off at his boarding school. So it was a nice distraction from being sad and moping. Anyway, she wanted to show me the bracelet she made with the bead. Here's the bead I sent her:

Glass Addictions Jennifer Cameron lampwork glass bead

Here's the bracelet she made: Traci Zeller bracelet with Glass Addictions bead If you love this bracelet, you can purchase it for yourself on Etsy. I love the name she gave it...Lunar Pools . You can also find Traci doing updates on her facebook page. Reminder...send me pics of your creations using my beads! Please. I'm not above begging, you know...



Thanks Jennifer. My bead partner wanted it so I gave it to her. If anyone would like me to make one for them just send me one of Jen's lampwork beads and the rest we'll work out.

Traci Z.

Thanks Jennifer. Nice post and beautiful beads! :) Made designing the bracelet easy. :) Thank you.

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