Cynthia Tilker Class Show and Tell

It's been almost a MONTH since I took Cynthia Tilker's ISLAGA sponsored class at Inspired Fire in Lafayette, Indiana! I've been meaning to write about it, but just photographed my class beads a couple days ago.
Here's our end of class photo. See all the smiling happy faces of my lampworking buddies? They just learned to make Cynthia Tilker beads! WhooHOOO!
Something to keep in mind is that class beads usually suck. Really. They are usually the wonkiest ugliest things ever. The point isn't to have perfect beads at the end of a class, but to learn a technique to take home and perfect. However, I was pretty darn happy with my beads from this class. They are far from perfect, but better than the average class bead. Of course, even if I hated them, I'd probably show them anyway because I'm weird like that.
I am showing the last bead I made on day 2 first because I love this bead so MUCH! There is a ton of depth and interest and little mushrooms inside that aren't completely obvious in the photo. In fact, you get a second view of the bead from a different angle I love it so much. The only thing I don't like are my red flowers. I am not a flowery kinda girl. Plus, I pretty much stink at making flowers in glass.
Sometimes I surprise myself. I just wanted to learn the "pleated bead" technique of this style. I've tried making surface flowers like this before and they looked like ugly blobs so I didn't hold out much hope this would be different. However, these turned out pretty darn adequate.
Not the best one of the bunch, but the dichro is so sparkly. I didn't want to add the flowers over it because I just kept staring at the sparkly stuff as I turned the mandrel.
Here is my attempt at making a "keeper" style bead. He looks rather scary instead of cute. Also, he looks more like a girl than a boy.
This last bead (unfortunately) wasn't made by me. This was Cynthia's pleated demo bead that I won in the drawing. Lucky me! Aren't you all jealous?
Cynthia's class in one of my favorite classes ever. If you are a lampworker and you have the opportunity to take a class with her, DO IT!


CreekHiker / HollysFolly

Cynthia ROCKS! One of my favorite teachers!


I LOVE that first bead with the red flowers! Omg - what beautiful results you had from that class! And the "keeper" has a lot of character and so much detail. Congrats on winning the bead, and thanks for sharing!


Sounds like a great class, Jennifer, and your face bead is completely amazing!Had I known there was a glass studio in Lafayette I'm not sure I would have managed to finish grad school there (Purdue)...

3 Peeps Designs

You've been awarded the Sunshine Blog award by

Ginga Squid

Wow J! I really love the first couple of beads that have whole other complex worlds going on inside. But they all rock! Yay - on winning the bead draw!


Your beads are just wonderful! Looks like you had an amazing class.


JenniferSounds like a fun productive time!You amaze me with the color, creativity and beauty of each bead.The red flowers are nice (not much of a flower girl myself) and love the keeper bead. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

One Heart

You did great!! Love your class work! Sounds like you had a fabulous time.

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