A Day of Peace and Rest

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="295"]Christmas morning 2012 at the lake house Jen Cameron Glass Addictions Christmas morning at the lake house[/caption] There are certain moments...peaceful, that you forget until you are in the moment once again. The day after Christmas is one of those. The last week has been a blur. A good sort of blur filled with family and fun, my kid coming home from school for 3 weeks, my baby sister home for a few days. Smiles and laughter, marathon cooking and eating. But this day, the day after, is peace.

Snow at the lake on Boxing Day Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

We slept in, watched snow falling outside on the lake. Ate leftovers, watched Lord of the Rings trilogy (we are FINALLY on the last of the 3 extended versions of the movie). And used our various electronic devices.

Lazy day at the lake Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

I blogged about Boxing Day and the sale the contributors are having on Art Jewelry Elements. I added a coupon code (HOLIDAY20) to my Etsy shop good through December 31st.

  I would love to show you new photos using the amazing Christmas gift my husband and kids got me, but I left my camera at the city house.

Merry Christmas to me (from hubs and the kids) Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

I only asked for two things. I didn't expect to get either of them. Hubs is of the opinion that if I get what I ask for, then I won't be surprised. So I usually don't ask for anything. And honestly, I definitely didn't expect to get a macro lens. However, I have been complaining all year that my bead photos are not crisp enough due to the type of lens I am using and lamenting the need for a macro lens. But I wasn't really quite willing to invest just yet. I casually mentioned I wanted only two things...a macro lens, and some method of listening to audiobooks with my iphone over the speakers of my "antique" (2004) Suburban. So the kids got me this to hopefully make this happen.

For my "antique" Suburban

The night is still young, I need to finish watching Lord of the Rings, start knitting the sleeves of a sweater for a gift, and probably hop in the hot tub for 30 minutes or so. Tomorrow I will share an update on one of my favorite yummy easy to make treats (I started experimenting because the stores were out of Rolos).


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