December Component of the month Reveal: The Labyrinth

Today is the big day for the Art Jewelry Elements component of the month reveal. I am very late posting my piece because I overslept. Way overslept. Because I spent hours making this thing (with breaks for meals and when some friends came over....) and got to bed around 3am. We each started with one of these components by Jenny Davies-Reazor:

These components contain labyrinths and Jenny created these as she thought ahead to the new year. She wrote up some interesting info about labyrinths here. I know today is a big party day and you are probably busy. So I'll stop talking and start showing. I spent hours making these coils yesterday. They are made of 18g bronze and they were very hard on my fingers.

Making bronze Egyptian coils Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

If I had been thinking ahead, I would have torch fired then FIRST to get that nice patina (rather than AFTER) so they were softer to work with. Sigh. My fingers would have been much happier. Oh well. I'll remember next time! And this is the almost finished piece. It needs a clasp. But I was too tired and my fingers too sore to deal with making a clasp at 3am

The Labyrinth bronze and lampwork Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

A close-up

The Labyrinth bronze ceramic, lampwork Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

I made the Egyptian coils because no matter what design ideas I had, the coils wouldn't leave me alone. They kept whispering they were meant for this necklace. And so I googled Egyptian labyrinth just out of curiosity and discovered that the first labyrinth written about in history was "found" by Herodotus in Egypt near the "City of Crocodiles".

The Labyrinth bronze ceramic, lampwork Jen Cameron Glass Addictions

Visit the other component of the month contributors for December:

This months guests of honor: Emma Todd Lee Koopman Jess Green And participating AJE team members: Jen Cameron  <------you are here Kristi Bowman Diana Ptaszynski  Kristen Stevens Lesley Watt Francesca Watson Melissa Meman Jo Tinley Linda Landig Sue Kennedy Jenny Davies-Reazor, your hostess 

Have a safe and wonderful New Year!



Lesley Watt

Wow! That's a real stunner Jen - well worth the hard work and sort fingers. Beautiful and I'd love to see a pic of it on please :0)

Toltec Jewels

Amazing and Oh, so worth hours of work and sore fingers: truly EXQUISITE!! What beautiful, contemplative art for New Year's eve.




Lesley! I can't believe you're making fun of the fact no one can put it on! ;-) Unless they have a tiny miniature head...LOL!


18 ga! Holy finger cramps! Thats intense! Stunning! Wow! I love the spirals with the labyrinth, and I secretly love that you were inspired to do research. My inner history geek is thrilled! As to the necklace - Wow.


Holy moly, I thought mine had alot of wire work. That's spectacular Jen!!!!

Melissa M

Wow, no wonder your fingers are sore! I made an egyption coil bracelet once a long time ago and remember that feeling!

It is absolutely gorgeous! Love the color combination!

Amy Kuczewski

This is absolutely gorgeous! I know those coils are a PITA, especially at 18g, you go, girl! Beautifully constructed piece, wonderful job!


OMG!!! All that work and sore fingers but that is just plain stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!

Linda Landig

Your necklace is breathtaking, Jen. I just want to bomb you with adjectives: superlative, stunning, amazing, inspired!!! You really out did yourself this time.


Jen, this is just gorgeous! Nice job!

Lesley Watt

Oops sorry Jen - I wasn't making fun...honest!I really would like to see in on, it looks so striking...

Diana P.

WOW Jen! I do NOT have the patience to do that kind of wirework! Big props to you!!!

Debra Smith

Amazing work, it's always fun when the components speak to you. Thank goodness you listened!

Susan Kennedy

WOW Jen! What a great necklace! Don't know how you did all that! How did you attach them, I would love to see! Great necklace!

Emma Todd

Fantastic! I had the thoughts of spirals too, but I knew my wire skills couldn't take me there. Oh man does this kick ass though! It definately looks like it belongs on an ancient warrior princess type, just beautiful

Jo Tinley

Oh wow Jen! That is just so beautiful! No wonder you were up so late, and I'm not surprised that your fingers hurt! I love the link between the coils and the labyrinth, and the colours work beautifully together.

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