Did I ever tell you about my First Time?

I don't generally like to share this kind of lurid information about myself...let alone show pictures. However, I am taking this very scary step so that others do not feel ashamed of their first time. Today we're covering the topic of first beads. What did you think I was talking about? After having a conversation with a fellow Etsian about her desire to make lampwork beads, and the fear that she might not ever get to the same level of experience and skill as other lampworkers, I decided it would be fun to have a blog hop of experienced component (bead, clasp, etc) makers and jewelry designers hosted at Art Jewelry Elements. I took a few quick photos. My camera is not really behaving itself lately, so these aren't the best. However, they are better than photos I was taking when I first started making beads... First up is my very first lampwork bead ever, wire wrapped into my first piece of jewelry ever. I made it into a ring that I still have to this day. No, I don't wear it. But since digging it out of the jewelry box to take a pic, I'm wearing it now. I had forgotten about it.

First lampwork bead and first ring

It's not the best made ring and not particularly stable. I'm not sure if I followed a tutorial or saw a photo and tried to replicate it, or if I made it up myself. I made this in 2005. I've slept since then so the details are fuzzy. First lampwork bead and first ring Next up is an ugly on the left made at about the same time. You can tell by my use of black, white and periwinkle. Also I encased it. Probably the first encased bead I ever made. Fancy! On the right is a very large, very wonky and off center round bead that I totally scorched. Some first lampwork beads In my first few weeks of lampworking, I tried florals.

one of my first lampwork beads

  one of my first lampwork beads Also, leopard print. some of my first lampwork beads I love my use of color on this one, but it's a very ugly shape. And chunky. Not very nice. one of my first lampwork beads Here are a few more recent beads (all made this year)

Lampwork Glass focal bead jennifer cameron glass addictions

Lampwork Glass focal bead jennifer cameron glass addictions

Lampwork Glass vintage upcycled skeleton key jennifer cameron glass addictions

Lampwork Glass nightmare insomnia series focal jennifer cameron glass addictions

Necklace by Jennifer Cameron

Big hole copper focal challenge and blog hop


D Lynne Bowland

Yep I see some improvement! When did you make the ring? Lovve the bead obove the key with the shards!


I am still a newbie at all of this, but I admire anyone who is brave enough to make that first glass bead. From an outsider's perspective, it looks impossible. And yet, you glass workers create such beauty!


First, thanks so much for hosting this blog hop! I love the first beads you made, mostly because you seemed fearless. But wow how your current beads just blow me away, not to mention your design ability!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Janet Bocciardi

You have come a long way, baby! Thanks for sharing. I'm addicted to your beads!

I'm debating about pulling my old stuff out. : ) If the sun was out.. maybe, but right now I think the photos would look so sad.


Wow! I really like that ring! I think I am going to make one just like that...

I know nothing about the intricacies of lampworking, but I love all this eye candy. Very pretty!

Also realized my post was very wordy compared to others on the hop. I guess that's ok?


@Lynne~Thanks! I made the bead and ring in 2005.


@Cassi~thank you! It mostly takes practice, practice, practice. I am still learning and improving.


@Alice~I think the blog hop is really fun! I love seeing the journey everyone has taken. I only seem fearless because I didn't know any better. lol! And thanks!


@Janet~You should take pics! You don't have to do it today. The link is available to add to for a year, so you have lots of time :-)


@Kashmira~you can be as wordy as you want, but I didn't think it was that wordy. lol!


Gotta start somewhere right? The bead you used to make the ring looks pretty good actually! I love the groovy Grateful Dead bead...cool colors! Your beads are gorgeous but that's where the practice pays off, but it's nice to look back and see how far you've come.


At first I thought I was going to have a hard time with yours. Many of the ones in your early phase looked good to me! I love the colorful one you call "chunky," for instance! But all I had to do was move down to your newer section and there was of course a stunning difference. And I know what you are capable of because I made a necklace with one of your "perfect" beads. I still haven't been able to part with it!

I love these last pieces, and the final ones I can't even find words for. I'd say you have a very rare and special talent, but it is heartwarming to realize that you did begin like others!

Thanks for this blog hop and for your beads of wonder! --Sharyl


Ah firsts! I am glad you kept it PG! I love your work new and old!


You have my admiration for even TRYING lampwork:)

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