Do you Dare read today's blog????

I am feeling rather chatty tonight and have lots of stuff to show and tell. So, you might want to grab a quick potty break before continuing. The good news...there's lots of pictures. The bad news...there are no bead pictures.My friend Lisa Atchison (the one hiding in the back row behind Jim) of Touch of Glass Designs emailed this class photo from the Jim Smircich lampworking class hosted by ISLAGA the weekend of June 28-29. I am on the left in the yellow. I absolutely adore my ISLAGA peeps! We have such a wonderful time whenever we hang out. Nine of the 10 of us stayed in the house next door to Inspired Fire. We laughed so much my stomach hurt the next day.I tried to clean the beads from the class tonight to photograph and share, but the battery for my Dremel pooped out after the 2nd bead. Unfortunately I am one of those people that has to complete a task immediately or probably not finish it for a very long time. Maybe I'll get them cleaned tomorrow. Maybe next month. We'll see.Apparently our group missed out on the fun the Thursday-Friday group had. They learned belly dancing from one of the ladies taking the class! Too bad they couldn't get Jim to try it. I would've paid to see those photos. LOL!

This past weekend, my friend Dee (far right in the class photo) called to invite me to her studio to torch. We had a blast! I wish we had more time to get together like that. We chat, torch, learn different techniques from each other and just have an awesome time together. She has an unbelievably awesome studio! The reason we can hang out like that is that she is set up for 3 torches. I can only have one torch in my studio. Unfortunately we are usually so busy that we have a difficult time managing to get together. The stars managed to align just right last weekend!Too bad none of my beads from that day are worth showing! The best one got a thermal crack when I cleaned out the bead release, the 2nd best has a ding in it where I must've bumped it into something on the way into the kiln. The rest just aren't good enough.Last week my DH was on vacation. I love having him home except when the UPS man comes. I have a love/hate relationship with the men in brown. I love it when they deliver stuff. I hate it when they deliver while he's home. One year I ordered almost all the Christmas gifts online. The UPS man was stopping at our house every single day. One night he rings the bell at almost 8pm (DH is home by then). I answer the door and the very nice gentleman says "I'm sorry I'm so much later than my usual time." LOL! Good thing I have a fabulous marriage...Anyway, back to last week. I had placed a somewhat large order of fusible glass and frit. There was a sale and DH told me to get what I need. I guess he should've been a tad more specific. The UPS man rings the bell, DH answers the door. The next thing I hear is "DID YOU ORDER 6 BOXES OF GLASS?!?!?!?!"I'm thinking "well, I didn't actually order '6 boxes of glass'. I just ordered what I need." The lovely UPS man placed the boxes in the garage. Notice the Suburban in the background? The boxes are taking up my parking spot. LOL!

So, I finally got around to unpacking those boxes today. If you've never ordered glass before, it is not only fragile, but it is heavy. One square foor of sheet glass is approximately one pound. The total weight of the 6 boxes is over 200 lbs. GULP! I didn't actually count how many 16"x10" pieces of Bullseye or how many of the 12"x12" pieces of Spectrum I received, but I should be able to fuse some very cool stuff. I've never had such a color selection before! Here they are all stacked up on their sides.

Here is the box of frit and scrap dichro I got in that shipment. There are 36 one pound jars in that box. I am so excited to play with them. But I don't have a CLUE where I can store them!

While I was unpacking my 6 boxes, the mail came. In the mail were the glass rods I ordered as part of a bulk buy. I think there is about 15 pounds there. I haven't actually tallied it as it's still in the bubble wrap. The natives were getting restless to go to the park, so I quit at that point. I have an order coming from Bullseye for some more rods next week. I think I've spent my entire glass budget for the next three years in the course of one month. But I am going to have some awesome glass and even better projects!

An update on the monsters (Oscar and Nim)....
Nim (the 13 week old Golden Retriever puppy) now weighs more than our 1 year old miniature Labradoodle. She is very strong and can practically drag me already. Oscar looks a little bigger than Nim because he is all fluff. Nim is solid muscle.
Behind our house is a common area, Riparian area, and a neighborhood path. This path leads over a bridge and through the woods (about 50 feet of woods-LOL!) to a gravel path into the undeveloped part of the neighborhood. It is all prairie and wild flowers and weeds. It is GORGEOUS! Butterflies, birds, and dragonflies are in abundance and flit about happily all day long. Unfortunately, there are lots of bugs too. Bugs that bite and sting. But we still love to brave the biting and stinging for the sheer beauty and joy of it.
We took the dogs with us a couple days ago and walked very far. Then we had to walk all the way back. Nim is obsessed with her water anyway so that we have to limit the amount in the bowl. But look at how pitiful she was after the walk. She wouldn't leave the water bowl for even a second. What was funny was that when we finally got back to the shaded area (the "woods"), the dogs both PLOPPED down in the shade. They wouldn't budge even though were were so close to the house.

See that face? That is the reason I haven't killer her yet. LOL! She is so sweet and lovable and a total and complete terror. Nobody that looks at that face believes me though.

I was trying to get a photo of Oscar and Nim together for a size comparison. They wouldn't sit still though. This was as close as I got.

Along comes DD to the rescue! She will save me from the evil dogs that refuse to sit still so I can get a size comparison photo...It didn't quite work out.

However, I managed to sneak a photo of DD smiling her new jack-o-lantern smile. She lost her first tooth on July Grandma's house. I wasn't even there for her first lost tooth! Boohooo! It was a big deal because she is the last of her friends and classmates to lose a tooth. We keep teasing her because the other 3 front teeth are all loose. She will have a huge hole in the center of her mouth and we won't understand a single thing she's saying.

Last night had a bit of peril and danger. While we were walking the dogs in the backyard, we let go of their leashes to run around and play. Nim took the opportunity to go hunting for rabbit. She discovered a bunny nest under the playset and dug it up before we realized what was going on. Oscar got in on the act and was trying to catch one of them in his mouth.
We stopped the dogs before they ate any (at least we think-Nim literally inhales her food and could probably inhale a small bunny without us seeing it). I took some photos because they are so cute. This one ran the farthest away from the nest (about 5 feet).

This one got beyond the playset and then just sat there.

This one pretended he was an ostrich.

This one stayed in the nest. Kind of sounds like the little piggies thing...


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