Dogs Love Jewelry Too!

Being a vendor in the boutique at Tapestry April 24, I did the typical thing I do before every show. Any guesses as to what that is? I stayed up almost all night making new jewelry because I never think there is enough-even though I always manage to overfill my table.However, I do know for a fact that I never have enough earrings. I don't really like making them and usually only have 2 pairs at any given show. Sad, but true. Guess what customers always ask for...EARRINGS! I had exactly ZERO pairs made a week before the show, and ONE pair made 2 days before the show. I made about 7 pairs the night before. Here is one of them:I like to tumble every piece of silver jewelry that is able to be stuck in the tumbler without damage. At 3 am the morning of the show, all the earrings were placed in the tumbler. At 5:30am when I woke up, I took all the earrings out, rinsed, dried, counted, and then placed them in my box to take with me.When I was setting the earrings up on display, I couldn't find the mate for the earring above and thought it was really weird and maybe I left it on the counter.That evening, exhausted, I found something strange looking on the floor with one of my beads attached to it. It was the missing earring! My Golden Retriever puppy (she is one year old now and still very naughty) had stolen it when no one was looking (husband and kids were home with her all day) and loved the earring so much, this is what she did to it:

At one point, that dog eaten earring also had swarovski crystals and a silver ball spacer and a straight paddle end. It's just as well because on closer inspection, those lampwork beads don't totally match because it looks like there is silver foil on one of them but not the other. Like I said, I was up super late and might have been a tad tired by the time these were assembled.

So the moral of the story is, don't get a naughty Golden Retriever...I mean, keep jewelry out of the reach of dogs. Or maybe the moral is don't stay up all night making earrings...



Great story! I was wondering where you were going with that! ha ha Those are really pretty too, and probably ok that they didnt exactly match, since they are handmade and far enough apart from each other when hanging in your ears! I do the same thing, stay up late before a show making just ONE MORE THING! I'm just the opposite, I make a ton of earrings! People do like them best. :)

Jennifer Cameron

You are absolutely right. I don't know what my hang-up is about earrings. Oh WAIT! I's that I have to make 2 beads that are the same size and shape. Sometimes I can accomplish that if I try to make 10 or more exactly the same. I might have 2 that are close enough to be a "pair" ;o)

Liz (made in lowell)

I feel ya, matching handmade elements for earrings is exhausting! What I want to know is, did you find some sparkles in the yard when you took the dog out later? Sorry ;-P

Jennifer Cameron

Umm...NO! I don't do dog poop. That's everyone else's job. They can fight over who gets to do it. haha!

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