Dragons - The December Theme Challenge Reveal

Art Elements hosts a quarterly themed challenge, and for the final challenge of 2016, the theme was dragons. I love dragons and would have loved to participate more fully, but December y'all. Plus I'm not super awesome at getting things done in advance as my super power alias is "The Procrastinator." Also, I had surgery the 22nd and on crutches for 6 weeks afterwards, which didn't help much. But enough with the lame excuses!  

I first considered doing something in dragon scale chainmaille weave since it's one of my favorite weaves visually and I haven't done chainmaille in a loooong time. Then I never got around to ordering rings. So that is a problem. Here's a piece I made back in 2012 (!) with a dragon scale weave in the center section.



Art Elements teammate Jenny Davies Reazor sent me a dragon cabochon to play with...which of course, I forgot to take any photos of before starting, but it's very similar to this one she currently has listed on our Art Elements Extras Facebook page.

*quick aside note, Jenny has some dragons still listed there in her album. Click the link and scroll towards the bottom. 

I quickly selected a wide range of bead shapes and sizes thinking I would be all fancy with this one. I got it bezeled, then got stuck. One night, I decided to try drawing flames from its mouth and go with that. 

But I didn't want it to get all crazy big, so it would have to be asymmetrical. As you can see above, I started with an oval, but trying to hang it so it was balanced correctly was a challenge I didn't feel like tackling. So I decided on a more vertical oval. Then I added flames. And got stuck what to do next. I'm just not a fancy kind of girl I suppose. 

Now that you've seen my wip, take a few minutes to see what everyone else created for this challenge! 


Shai Williams

Kathy Lindemer

Anita Rao

Kelly Rodgers

Tammy Adams


AE Team












More flames! :D
Kidding aside, I like it so far, and would love to see how you finish it, Jen.


LOVE your chainmaille bracelet. It's fabulous. You should get back to doing chainmaille as you are quite talented at that!
I like the direction your dragon piece is going. I think as you keep stitching it will work itself out. It is going to be awesome I'm sure.


I love the flames! Im my head I see an asymmetrical beaded piece balanced with one of your lamp wok beads opposite the flames. Maybe something to get you back to the torch when you are more fully healed? Love it - keep beading!


Really like where this is going... I'm looking forward to seeing it completed :) The bracelet is gorgeous too.. love the spirals and scales!


Chainmaille does seem like a natural fit for a dragon theme. I'm glad you a had a photo of an oder piece to share because I've never seen that weave. Your cab project is off to a good start. I'm sure you and your muse will get it all sorted and the final piece will be gorgeous.


I totally love your chainmaille bracelet! And that cab is already looking great!

Diana Ptaszynski

The chainmaille bracelet is great but you NEED to finish that bead embroidery piece. I think you've got the start of something wonderful there.

Susan Kennedy

I love your chainmaille piece, the clasp and everything! I like where you're going with the beaded piece, I thought of fire too but didn't do it - would love to see it finished!

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