European 4-in-1 Chainmaille now in Technicolor

Continuing the theme of using color in chainmaille, I moved on from the Japanese weave experiments to European 4 in 1 (the traditional weave for armor "back in the day"). The first one I used the a color mix of anodized niobium rings called "Air" and just added the rings randomly, only making sure I didn't end up with a patch of rings that were all the same color.

I'm currently working on another length of Euro 4 in 1 with a color mix called Fire. If you look at the construction of the weave, there are 3 columns of connecting rings that face down (that's how I see it anyway). Then there 4 columns of rings that face up. On the 3 connecting columns, I'm using the silver/gold/orange colors of the mix. On the 4 columns facing up, I'm using the pinks/purples of the mix. Other than that, color placement is random.

Have a great Sunday. I'm just sitting here enjoying some coffee before I start my day of packing and getting ready to travel home.


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