February Component of the Month Reveal - chainmaille and crystals

chainmaille swarovski february component of the month

We are already two months into 2016. Crazy! That means this is the 2nd Art Jewelry Elements component of the month  design challenge reveal of the year. For February, Diana made each of the participants this very sparkly Phaedra component out of shiny silver aluminum rings and an aqua colored crystal rivoli. (You can learn more about the Phaedra component here.)

When I received my component in the mail, I knew I wanted to keep it simple because it's very sparkly and shiny and I didn't want something that was "too blingy" (although sometimes more is better). Anyway, I considered various chainmaille weaves. I considered necklace vs. bracelet. In the end, I decided I wanted something more streamlined looking than chainmaille. 

Another goal for this year is to use what I have as much as humanly possible because I already have so much stuff. So I searched in my small pitiful sterling silver chain collection to find the most delicate chain I have on hand. This is what I can up with:

chainmaille swarovski rivoli necklace

The design is super simple, but I love it. 

chainmaille swarovski tivoli design challenge component of the month

The dangling chain has a couple clear swarovski crystal links added to the dangling length of chain. 

The one thing I might do differently is shorten the 2nd length of chain that goes around the neck so that maybe it stays more even when wearing it. Unfortunately the chain moves around and looks completely different every time the wearer moves their head or neck. 

chainmaille swarovski crystal rivoli necklace

This is a blog hop, which means there are more amazing designs to see. Visit the blogs below to see what else people created. 

AJE Team
Jen Cameron <-----You are here!


Diana P.

Super pretty and VERY elegant! Great job Jen!

Karen Snyder

I really love what you did with the Phaedra! The delicate chain adds wonderful texture and contrast :)


That's beautiful Jen! It makes me think of LOTR's. And I love how you've attached the chain, it really shows off the component.


Gorgeous simple design that will go with lots of things.


This is a really stylish design Jen - love the dangles and the double chain gives a lovely effect. ope you can get it to sit how you want it ot.

SusanDolphin Delaney

Subtle. Elegant. Classy.


That is just beautiful! So elegant.


I love the chain work!


I like the double chain Phaedra choker! Pretty.


I love the drapes ness of the second strand of chain - I get it that it won't always lat right, but I like the look. Those little crystal links are great!

Susan Kennedy

I love the draping of the strand of chain, too. Looks great - those little crystals really add to the design!

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