February Component of the Month Reveal - Healed Hearts

When Jenny was making these polymer clay hearts, she had the idea of "Kinsugi" in mind, in which a broken piece of pottery is repaired and the repair embellished with gold leaf. I absolutely LOVE them. And as usual, I forgot to take a photo of it before starting. 

I had several plans in mind. First I was just going to do a bead embroidery pendant. Then I decided I wanted to do a 2d needle felted background and then bead embroider the heart to that and embellish further. The design was going to include wings and a phrase. 

My third idea was my favorite. The plan was to do a layered riveted metal design that included tattered wings and a phrase, made into a brooch that could be converted to a necklace and also attached to a 2d background, framed, hanging on the wall, when not being worn. And that's the plan I started, last minute of course, because I prefer to make my life as difficult as possible. And I struggled. I decided the bezel would be sterling silver and the prongs would be prominent. 

Unfortunately the saw blade attached to my frame was not appropriate for 28g silver sheet and I couldn't find the rest of my blades. Where the heck did they go? After trying to use the saw anyway and getting extremely frustrated,  I decided I was going to try using my Joyce Chen scissors.  


And of course, I couldn't find them either. Apparently I have studio gremlins. ARGH!!!! 

I didn't want to not have SOMETHING to show for the reveal, so I went back to the first plan to do a bead embroidery pendant and will have to get another heart from Jenny at some other point to make my other vision happen. However, as I started it last night, it's hardly close to being finished. 

For some reason whenever something is gold toned, I tend to gravitate towards pinks that have gold overtones. So this is what I've got so far. I'm thinking I will incorporporate wings somehow still, but I haven't decided yet. 

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I love your metal idea ., hope you get another heart and are able to complete it. But what a great last minute plan with your bead embroidery! I love the way it's heading. Those beads are perfect! I would find some little golden brass wings to incorporate into your design if you want to go that way, but it would also make an awesome necklace/brooch with just a few more rows of beads around it!

Rosantia Petkova

The heart looks wonderful embraced by seed beads! But I do hope you find your tools, I'd love to see your silver bezel idea!


I really love the pink seed beads and think all of your idea sound wonderful but I would really love to see your metal one!

Shay Williams

I love the idea of the metal! Hopefully you will pick up another heart and be able to finish it the way you wanted to in the third place.


I'm not a lover of pink, but those colours are gorgeous with the heart! I'd love to see your metal idea too, hope everything turns up. (I have a scissor monkey in my shed that is always on the rob!)


Hey - Im not disappointed! I love that it inspired many and multiple ideas. Ill make more hearts, and you wont have a deadline. You have to start somewhere! And can I just say - the riveted convertible idea is STELLAR. and worth working out. I have been wanting to do wearable - hang in a display - convertible pieces for years.

Love the colors and the beaded sash. And its never too late for wings.

Lesley Watt

Ha - disappearing saw blades...I know all about those! You were obviously meant to do a beaded piece and it's looking great. I love the contrast of the pink with the ivory & can't wait to see it finished.


Oh such a shame you couldn't do your metal version but the beaded bezel is fab also. Never to late for wings I reckon.


Jen, you are off to a great start with your bead embroidery!! Though I would have loved to see the metal design as well, it looks like it would be really cool!!

Susan Kennedy

I think it's going to be awesome, I love the colors you chose and the wrap of beads as well!!!!

Mona Arnott

Have you been in my studio lately. I can put something down and not be able to find it 2 minutes later. All your design ideas sounds great and I'm looking forward to finished products

Lindsay S

I <3 all the ideas! That metallic cranberry seed bead looks spectacular with the ivory and gold though - if you end up running with the metal idea at a later date it would be really cool to incorporate that color somehow.

Karen Totten

Really lovely work Jen. I would be very curious to see the metal version if that ever happens.


Oh, I know these gremlins. The are really cruel because one searches for days, weeks, months....! for a certain piece and then finally buys a new one, the moment one starts using it the missing one turns up again!

I love the idea and I can't wait to see the tattered wings!

PS: I blew it because while having finished my piece, I was not able to take pictures in time :/

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