First show of the year is this weekend!

Good morning! Hope you're staying warm/dry wherever you are. It's been so bitterly cold with storms marching across twice a week since Christmas, that I am so grateful for the few days of sunshine this week (even though it's still really cold). I took this photo yesterday morning after the freezing fog cleared off and just left the freezing part on the trees and the beautiful sunshine. It was about -10 when I took this photo. I was very quick about it. Brrrr!

Freezing fog, then a clear blue sky.

Tomorrow starts my first show of 2014 at the IN Art Fair, Indiana State Museum. Unfortunately, I have done very little to prepare for it. The weather, the family being home (LOTS) of extra days due to snow, ice and studio has not seen enough of me. 

I started working on a new line, but I don't quite have enough time into it to roll it out properly this weekend. Unfortunately. Oh well. Here's a sneak peek. 

Working on components for a new line, which is a challenge when the family tries very hard to distract me from getting any work done. I had hoped to have several at the IN art fair this weekend. That's probably not going to happen  #glassaddictions #lampw


Next week I will concentrate on getting some headpins and beads listed. Maybe some of these:


Newest headpins. Really love the pop of bright color during this really cold snowy winter. #lampwork #glassaddictions #thisartistslife


Or these: 

Fresh from the kiln. #lampwork #glassaddictions #thisartistslife



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