Frit Organization Idea

Here's an updated, close-up and much improved photo of my frit storage from today. The sun was streaming into the window and it just lights up the pretty colors of glass. You can see my enamel storage solution around the corner from the frit. See below for another view.
I thought it might be fun to show how I store the majority of my frit after yesterday's review of the Frit Secrets book.I have this tiny little wall thing that sticks out because of the configuration of my studio. I think it has something to do with the stairs that go from my basement studio to the garage. Anyway, this little wall was pretty much worthless and I just hated that. Then I saw these lovely 36"x4" steel magnetic boards on Pottery Barn. I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and that worthless little wall now stores my frit in a very fashionable and easily accessible manner. Sadly this isn't all of it.
All I did was glue some super strong neodymium magnets to the bottoms of the jars, allow to dry at least 24 hours, stick to the board. Voila! fun and functional frit storage. Perfect project for those that rank "organize my studio" at the top of their New Years Resolutions.
To store my enamels, I bought 3 of these spice racks from Walmart for about $10 each and emptied the spices into baggies, washed the jars, labled each jar and hung them on the wall. In the photo you can see the side view of the frit jars sticking to the steel panel.


Four Tails Lampwork

What a wonderful idea!!!!

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks! It is defintely one of my favorite storage and organization solutions.

Joy (a.k.a. The Monkey)

That is the best way of organizing I have ever seen! Well done!


Terrific ideas Jennifer!

Jennifer Cameron

Thanks ladies! I would love to see any storage solutions you come up with as well.

Lisa Atchison - Touch of Glass Designs

How cool is that? Jen, you are so clever! Thanks so much for sharing!!


love the glass jars, so you can see the colors! I'm going to go to walmart and check it out!!

Cindy Gimbrone

Hi Jennifer,Your frit looks great! Now, can I hire you to come to my house and organize me? LOL!Cindy

Jennifer Cameron

Oh, I love to organize. I just have issues with STAYING organized. I would be happy to help you organize. I just better leave immediately afterwards so I don't mess it up again. LOL!

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