Gallery Hop Featured Artist: Natasha Wescoat

On the next stop of the gallery walk, I would like to introduce you to Natasha Wescoat. I came across her work on etsy and was immediately struck by the vibrant color and the swirling branched trees that almost seem to be dancing. However, you may have already seen her work on the tv show Extreme Makeover Home Edition and soon to be seen on the new movie based on the book Marley and Me coming out on Christmas day.Grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine because this is a gallery after all!) and get to know Natasha in her own words and through her work.

What is your "Day Job"?

My day job is an artist. Licensing illustrations and selling original paintings and prints.
What media do you work in?
acrylics, ink, markers, vector (digital)
Where can people find your work?
overstock auctions: just search keyword WESCOAT
Tell us about your history, how you got started, how long ago, what inspires you, or anything else about your work you would like to share:
I come from a family of artists. I've been illustrating since age 3 and started selling my art at age 11, and have been a professional artist since I was 22. I do a variety of other things on the net such as blogging ( , , videoblogging ( ), lifecasting live from my studio ( and as well as designing for . I do a variety of creative work and love it!
Tell us about your studio:
it's in the basement right now. Lots of space and I can be messy. :)
Take a look at Natasha's BEAUTIFUL studio!
Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
best selling licensed illustrations on merchandise, and still selling my art. Doing more shows. Maybe doing something other than my art.
Do you have any advice for someone wanting to start selling their artwork?
Really work hard. I mean it. Research research research. Get all the education and self training you can get and network with other artists.It's so crucial to be a participant in the art community online or offline.
It will take time to get to a comfortable place in your creative career. But find new ways to explore your interests and allow yourself to evolve and improve. It takes time and you may not be able to share or sell your work the same way as others. Build your collector base. In time it will be very rewarding.
And because I love to read, what are a few of your favorite books?
After Dark by Haruki Murakami, The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice, and I'm just starting on Lolita by Nobokov.



I love Natasha Wescoat. Her art is amazing. Thanks for interviewing her!

Cindy Gimbrone

Natasha Wescoat is a genius of art marketing and self promotion! Just watching how she is able to continually put her work out there in new and fresh ways while maintaining control over it is awe-inspiring. Thanks for the interview!Cindy

Jennifer Cameron

Gourmet~you're welcome. I enjoyed doing the interview and selecting which paintings I wanted to include as examples.

Jennifer Cameron

Cindy~you are absolutely correct...and she does beautiful paintings in addition to her marketing skills. Although I approached her, she jumped right in and participated. Not eveyone is willing to do that.

Pam Hawk

Oh I absolutely love Natasha Wescoat! I'm tickled that you were able to interview her. I first found her at where several prints of her work are available.When she branches out to other things, I'd love to see her trees and other swirly imates on bed and bath textiles. Wouldn't that be gorgeous?

Jennifer Cameron

That's a GREAT idea Pam! Perhaps she'd like to hear from you about your ideas.

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