Happy Halloween!

Even though there are only 38 minutes left of October as I write this, I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. Most important is that you got tons of candy-especially chocolate! I am chocolated out after tonight. I never thought that could actually happen...
I wanted to make an announcement about a special fundraiser of sorts sponsored by the Lampwork Etc. stree team called Beads for Food . For the entire month of November, I will donate a can of food to Community Harvest for every single sale (meaning each separate listing) from my etsy shop. If you buy 2 different listings, I will donate 2 cans, etc.
If you read my blog back in August when the LEST team did a fundraiser called Just Give and each member chose the organization, I chose Community Harvest. Their mission is to feed the hungry of Northeast Indiana. And let's face it, the economy sucks right now and more people than ever need this service. However, never has Community Harvest had such empty shelves. So during the month of November not only will you get some really cool beads, but you will be helping out an organization that does so much good for the community.
Here's a couple new ones I put in the shop tonight:
And here are a couple Halloween pictures from tonight for your entertainment. My daughter is obviously dressed as an angel. Any guesses as to who my son is dressed as? First person to comment with the correct answer wins a FREE BEAD!
Here is the reason our marriage is so wonderful. He makes me laugh every single day. He was jealous that DD was an angel and not him. So while she asked him to hold her wings and halo while she "powdered her nose", he thought he'd try them out. LOL! Luckily I had the camera in hand.



Tod Palin?????Sue

Jennifer Cameron

LOL! No.


Dang! Todd Palin was my guess too. If I could just get a better look at his ball cap logo I bet that might help. Oh well, hope they had fun!Patty

Jennifer Cameron

OK, a little hint. If you read through some of my older blog posts, you should be able to figure out who it is.


Lance Mackey!!

Jennifer Cameron

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Patty, I will be sending a bead your way in the next week. Just email me with your address at jennycameron_glassaholic @ yahoo.com


Hello Jennifer,I was casually reading through the results from this morning's news searches and this blog turned up under my "Lance Mackey" search.Being a staunch Mackey fan, I couldn't resist clicking over to your blog to check it out - what a treat to see that small "Lance" ready to go trick-or-treating! I thought it was a splendid costume! Has your son been a Lance fan for long? I'm just curious how a kid in Cincinnati thought up such an awesome costume when we haven't seen anything like that here in Alaska!BTW, your beads are incredibly beautiful, Jennifer! Kind regards,Helen HegenerPalmer, Alaskahttp://www.northernlightmedia.com

Jennifer Cameron

You know, I love the internet. How else would I get to hear from such a diverse group of people and from so far away?We actually live in Ft. Wayne, IN now. He has been a Lance Mackey fan since the 2008 Iditarod because his 4th grade teacher did a unit study of the Iditarod and the kids got to watch their location via gps or something on a website I think. the kids all picked who they wanted to root for and he chose Lance because of his story. I don't know if you saw that I also posted a blog entry on October 15th about the Discovery channel special and how I took him to northern Michigan to meet Lance in September. You can see that post here (I think-LOL!): http://glassaddictions.blogspot.com/2008/10/this-is-shock-of-century-i-m... His costume was fairly simple. I bought the 2009 Iditarod hat and put dark brown eye shadow for a beard and he wore his ski gloves, hiking boots and jacket. It was very warm for Halloween so he was hot. Of course, no one but the neighbors we are friends with knew who he was supposed to be for Halloween because many people in Indiana have never heard of the Iditarod. I had heard of it, but that was the extent of my knowledge before he became obsessed with it. LOL!Thanks for your comment, it was so nice to hear from you!

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