Have Journal, Will Travel

My super awesome husband gave me the best Christmas gift ever-a set of tickets to see the play Waiting for Godot. It wasn't just the tickets though. It was that the play stars Patrick Stewart, who I have had a crush on for at least 15 years. And it wasn't totally about Patrick Stewart either. Waiting for Godot is playing in LONDON. Not London, Kentucky (although I am sure it is a lovely place...) but London as in England, as in across the ocean, as in I get to go on a super cool vacation with the best husband in the world.My friend Kim told me about a wonderful bookbinder named Kristen Crane that makes custom travel journals and has a shop on Etsy. Because we will spend half our time in London and the other half in and around Dublin, Ireland, I had her create a special travel journal for me.Here is the back cover showing a map of England with London in a place of prominence:Here is the front cover showing Ireland:Once I finally decided what I wanted, Kristen completed the journal very quickly. I got it today and it is absolutely gorgeous! The quality is better than anything store bought and it is handmade and personalized especially for my trip. The photos do not even come close to showing how stunning this journal is!If you are traveling, you NEED to get one of these from Kristen! Just convo her to have her make you something special. You will NOT regret it.



WOW! I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are one lucky lady!! What a great husband you have! I love the journal, it's a perfect way to document your trip! The play sounds wonderful... I'm a big Patrick Stewart fan myself! ;) When is this trip taking place? I hope you have a wonderful time!


Thanks so much for blogging about your journal, I'm so glad you like it. I'm jealous this journal is going on such a great trip! Fill it well!

Kim V

Kristen makes the best journals!!! I knew you'd like it!! Now you have to make a coordinating lampwork pen to use to write in it :-)


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