Home from Bead Fest

I am worn out and it's about all I can do to string two coherent sentences together. But I'm home from Bead Fest 2013. My favorite part? Meeting some of my online friends in person! Except I only took like 3 photos. I will have to snag some from other people when they start posting them online. Today is pictures because I am too tired to write.  

 My "employee" is such a good sport. Except for when he started threatening to quit. To which I informed him he has to give two weeks notice #beadfest


Jen at Bead fest

Jen cameron bead Fest booth display

My dream car (at this moment) is a Tesla. I was super excited when we went to the King of Prussia mall to visit the Apple Store and there was a Tesla shop right next door!!! Unfortunately a Tesla still isn't in the budget...

Sitting in a Tesla wishing I could take it home

Tomorrow I'll share photos of the loot I scored at Bead Fest. I planned on dusting the Etsy shop this week and doing a grand reopening with what I have left. However, I just learned about Soldsie and am thinking about trying that out Thursday evening. It's done on Facebook, so make sure you like my page if you haven't already. You won't have to leave Facebook to go to Etsy and as I'm not overly thrilled with some of the changes Etsy has been implementing, I was thinking I would just start selling directly from Facebook or here. Soldsie is supposed to make it easier for both buyers and sellers. I'm willing to try it out. I hope you are too.


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