How is it even possible August is almost over?

(You can sign up for the Charm Swap until Aug 28th, theme is laughter, you get charms from other artists and also get to help Beads of Courage so everyone wins!)   Can you say WHIRLWIND? Wow... The month started with me in Las Vegas. Where the only jewelry besides my wedding ring was this bracelet I made for the Bead Soup Blog Party reveal:

Bracelet by Jennifer Cameron glass addictions

Oh, and right before we left for Vegas I FINALLY got an iPhone...probably I was almost the last person on Earth to not have one. My husband still has his DroidX (same phone I had) and is still resisting the overwhelming urge to get the iPhone. But I feel his resistance is breaking down as he watches how giddy and delighted my phone makes me. Why is this information important? Well. Because I got Instagram, which means while we were in Vegas I took pictures like this:

Dragon by Jennifer Cameron

Airplane by Jennifer Cameron

Palazzo by Jennifer Cameron

Sugar factory Las Vegas Jennifer Cameron

Crystals Palazzo Las Vegas Jennifer Cameron

Chandelier Venetian Las Vegas

Postrio at the Venetian Jennifer Cameron

The Venetian gondola ride Jennifer Cameron

The Beatles in Vegas Jennifer Cameron

Chandelier Venetian Las Vegas Jennifer Cameron

The best part was that I didn't carry a big honkin' camera around. I could share my photos without hooking up a card to a computer. The photos are great, but made even more awesome by grunging them up and discoloring them like the film was exposed or like using a circa 1972 camera. Awesome. I have almost completely stopped taking pics with my Canon Eos Rebel xti. Sad, but true. Right after we got back from Vegas and the kids home from camp, the crazy started. What does this mean? Well...we tried to cram about 10 appointments/rehearsals/lessons/parties/activities into every single day before the school year started and we had to take our kid to boarding school for high school. The kids bought their own guitars at Sweetwater and got a free lesson. Let me tell you...if for some unknown reason you are in the Ft Wayne area, you NEED to visit Sweetwater. It's pretty freakin awesome. Not only do they have a cafe with free wifi, but also a free arcade and putting green for parents and siblings waiting for lessons to be over. They also have windows overlooking the warehouse:

Part of Sweetwater warehouse Jennifer Cameron

We also did the walk-thru of the lake house on a dreary gray day. We are supposed to close next week, but based on conversations I had with people yesterday, I'm not holding my breath all the ducks will be in a row by then. Sigh. After the walk through, we drove to an area across the bay to take a photo of the house:

View of the side of Lake house from across bay

We celebrated my turning 29 (again!) at Paula's with some of the best seafood I've ever had, and some yummy wine (yes, this is a technical term for wine connoisseurs everywhere)

Birthday wine selection Jennifer Cameron

The kids even dressed up for the occasion, even though they did NOT get any yummy wine.

Birthday dinner at Paula's with the monsters jennifer Cameron

We also had a going away party so we could all cry that my kid was going to boarding school. Except no one cried. Mostly we just laughed and ate. Then the neighbors (good friends of ours) stayed much later and we drank all the wine we had in the house. Which really wasn't that much, but makes us sound like total party-ers. We spent an entire afternoon at a paint your own pottery place because it was one of the things on our summer "to do list," which we hardly made a dent in.

Bisque it Jennifer Cameron

Bisque it Jennifer Cameron

Daughter acted in the Harry Potter spoof as Moaning Myrtle for the first showing. There are 2 more to sit through...I mean, enjoy. The very sad horrible day came when we had to drive the monster to boarding school. Let me pause for a moment. When we tell people he's going to boarding school, they get all judgemental like either a) we hate our kid and/or b) we are super snooty and want to spend more per year on high school than 2 or 3 years of in-state college tuition. I assure you, neither is true. We think he's pretty awesome and quirky and fun to be around...even if he talks nonstop about weather and transportation. Also, he received a HUGE grant/scholarship/financial aid package from a local foundation to attend this school, which he had been begging us to go to since the middle of 7th grade long before he got the financial aid package. Otherwise, he would be here. With us tormenting and embarrassing him and being typical annoying parents. The day we dropped him off at school (look how happy he is to be ripping our hearts out):

First day of high school Jennifer Cameron

Our other monster started school Monday. Except being the worst mother ever, I kept forgetting to take her picture until yesterday...her 4th day of being a 6th grader.

4th day of 6th grade Jennifer Cameron

Due to several factors, I am driving her to and from school this year rather than her riding the bus. This pretty much sucks up about half my day because it's a 70 minute round trip. This does not include waiting in line. Sigh. I am still working on how to make the most efficient and productive use of my time during the day and evenings. One of the things I've been working on this week is enameling metal beads. I get a bit OCD about it once I get started. It's almost like I think I have to use all 2 ounces of each color before I can move from an orange/red combo to a blue/white combo. I'm pretty sure it's a disease that cannot be cured. Also, the color in this photo is not very accurate. These beads have more red in them. The lighting is pretty bad in that room though.

The OCD really shines through when I start enameling metal beads

This is also only a drop in the bucket of what I've actually enameled this week. I have an order, but it's tiny compared to what I've actually made. I just can't seem to stop.



from what i see are a MASTER at the Instagram thing...and i love your BSBP bracelet...I made a similar one from seed isn't it...i love the clasp you received... :)


Thanks! About the clasp, I actually bought one of Lesley's disc beads and stacked it with one of my beads and a swarovski crystal. I love it too :-)

Patti Vanderbloemen

What an excellent post! I smiled/giggled reading it all! Vegas is my favorite City in the whole world - I was just there in a year is all I can afford! :) Your bead soup bracelet is divine - I have memorized the directions, thanks to Lesley's tutorial! :) Loved the pics of your kids! And, I JUST bought my I-Phone 2 days was the last one in the store, so I assumed I was the last one to get one. I feel better knowing your husband does not have one yet! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!


Post writing is also a fun, if you know
then you can write or else it is difficult to write.


Well, I'm happy to know that I'm not the only parent who totally forgets the "first-day" picture. :-) My daughter also started 6th grade. I managed to snap a totally bright sun/dark shadows picture of her out the window of my car as after she got out in the school parking lot. So I got to post an over-exposed picture of her squinting at me on FB.

My husband and I just got our very first cell phones last Christmas. (We also got iPhones, coz we are Apple-addicts all the way.) When the salesman found out these were our first-ever cell phones, he joked that he expected balloons and confetti to spontaneously fall from the ceiling because we were probably the only people left in the U.S. without cell phones! Disappointingly, that didn't happen.


Delightful "back-to-school" post! Your photos are great too! Glad you all had a lot of fun!

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